Interview: Baby Lame on MIMI's PRIDE at the Troxy

Interview: Baby Lame on MIMI’s PRIDE at the Troxy

We caught up with Baby Lame to talk about the spectacular MIMI’s PRIDE special at East London’s gorgeous Art Deco 1933 venue The Troxy, with special guest PEACHES!

Cybil Service

Review: Cybil Service by Sal Mohammed at Vault Festival ★★★★★

An authentic quest for survival; Sal Mohammed’s ‘Cybil Service’ shows us an artist’s search for stability in a world where Fatima’s next job really is in cyber and she’s not sure how she feels about it.

Wasteman - Photo by Corinne Cumming

Review: Wasteman at VAULT Festival ★★★★★

Wasteman is an irresistible, uplifting, Northern drag odyssey, packed with original writing and A-list performance prowess.