Review: Qwe're 9 at Matchstick Piehouse ★★★★★

Review: Qwe’re 9 at Matchstick Piehouse ★★★★★

An embracing celebration of queer joy and community at SE London’s most exciting venue!

Qw’ere 9 | Matchstick Piehouse | 8 April

A short walk from To Do List HQ (a.k.a the place our cats live and allow us to cohabitate), Matchstick Piehouse is one of the most invigorating yet homely and accessible venues in London – and nights like Qwe’re are an incredible showcase for cutting-edge cabaret, DIY makers and dance-til-you-drop escapism.

Before the DJ’s conducted an orchestra of hedonism through until the small hours, host Nikita Phiri introduced (above left) introduced an amazing line-up of performers to wow with some awesome cabaret performance par excellence!

Turkish D’Light titillated with a twist on classic burlesque and belly dance, BLT turned up the volume with their unique take on Magic Mike, and Curly’s Wife delivered theatricality and absurdity in equal measures.

 2bfranks washed up crooner brought drag fag jazz (Ronnie Scott’s needs to get on board with this), and Ethan Atkinson got toes tapping with a piece of dance choreography inspired by queer nightlife.

It would be hard to argue that Rizzla La Fizz didn’t steal the show, though, with a balloon-tastic, punk-poetry strip tease which totally raised the corrugated roof.

One of the joys of Matchstick Piehouse as a venue and performance space is that it attracts an inclusive, community-oriented crowd who appreciate every act as well as checking out the wares of artists/makers, MDT, Dr Creature, Smut Press & Trailblazers – and who, once the tunes are blasting out, dance like there are no cares in the world.

Qwe’re is such an epic, immersive, queer explosion of self-expression, a real sparkling gem in Deptford’s rough, which – dare we say it – takes up the baton from queer cabaret club night forerunner Duckie and skips away with it.

Don’t miss future Qwe’re nights at Matchstick Piehouse – and check out the rest of the amazing programming at the venue too. Also, don’t miss the Qw’ere collective joining The Chateau Presents SE_XCELLENCE on 9th June, as part of Christine and the Queens’ Meltdown!

Main Image: OMER GAASH