Interview: Baby Lame on MIMI's PRIDE at the Troxy

Interview: Baby Lame on MIMI’s PRIDE at the Troxy

Interview: Baby Lame on MIMI's PRIDE at the Troxy 1

We caught up with Baby Lame to talk about the spectacular MIMI’s PRIDE special at East London’s gorgeous Art Deco 1933 venue The Troxy, with special guest PEACHES!

MIMI’s Pride | The Troxy – Limehouse | Sat 1 July | 21:00 | £23.50

Tell us about MIMI’s: PRIDE @ Troxy – what should we expect from this massive edition?

Firstly, I cannot stress this enough… MIMI’s Pride is going to be a complete BANGER! 

Over the years MIMI’s has become well known for throwing legendary in-your-face Pride parties, so this year the plan was simple – how big can we go? The result is us taking over the Troxy with 2000 queers for a night of unashamed sweaty carnage with our incredible headliner – the international superstar that is PEACHES!

Interview: Baby Lame on MIMI's PRIDE at the Troxy 2

We’re scaling everything up performance wise and have invited the radical, punk AF collective Queer House Party to join us for the ride too. It’s gonna be bold, sexy, exhilarating and with a bit of grit, basically the perfect antidote to all the sanitized rubbish happening during Pride Month!

MIMI’s is a grassroots Queer Collective, and we are so proud to be doing this event on our own terms without any corporate sponsorship – as Pride should be!

Are there any other acts people should catch alongside the big names like Peaches and Queer House Party?

It wouldn’t be a MIMI’s without a SHOW – and we’ve got it all happening on this show baby! The cast is a top tier lineup of the UK’s best drag and circus stars including international burlesque star Jake Dupree, the closest thing anyone will get to the real Beyonce- Caramelle and punk neo-drag royalty Wet Mess to name just a few.

Interview: Baby Lame on MIMI's PRIDE at the Troxy 3

I always love trying to push what we do show-wise with MIMI’s and am so excited by the surprises we have up our sleeves, let’s just say there are some seriously ambitious aerial circus moments happening!

Tell us about your journey, how did MIMI’s start and how it’s been growing into the cultural phenomenon you now are?

MIMI’s has developed really organically over the last 8 years or so, we started out life as Mariah & Friendz – a campy lo-fi cabaret night celebrating Mariah Carey, and since then have just got bigger and bigger.

The core of MIMI’s is that we really value and champion queer performance, so it’s vital to push ourselves to think outside the box when it comes to programming and curating shows. 

Interview: Baby Lame on MIMI's PRIDE at the Troxy 4

The performance element of our nights has always been shit hot, so over the last year we’ve really been focused on elevating the overall club experience of MIMI’s, working with some really brilliant DJs. It’s a really exciting time for us, and I love being part of it.

Give us your top three tracks to listen out for on the night.

Watch out for me performing a special song dedicated to all the Karen’s of the world, trust me, I’m going in!

I guess it would be rude to not feature Padam Padam by Kylie?

The big track though has got to Fuck The Pain Away by Peaches – I don’t think there has ever been a more relevant song for these times! I can’t wait to see everyone losing their shit to it… it’s going to be iconic

What are your favourite London haunts? (to party, to eat, to relax)

When it comes to food I love Escudo de Cuba for cheap tasty tapas, Treats Club for insane doughnuts. My fave is going to any event Mam Sham produce, think brilliant comedy-fused dining experiences with some of the best chefs and comedians in the country… honestly they’re next level.

Interview: Baby Lame on MIMI's PRIDE at the Troxy 11
Escudo de Cuba

Partying wise – get me down to BGWMC for Naked Presents, the creators PMBC and Lucinda B Hind are camp as tits and messy as hell – it’ always a good night

Interview: Baby Lame on MIMI's PRIDE at the Troxy 12
Naked Presents

When it comes to relaxing I love going to Haggerston Park with my dog Satan – it’s really quiet and secluded and tricks me into not thinking I’m in London!