Interview: Nat Funni on the return of NFTV to The Glory

Interview: Nat Funni on the return of NFTV to The Glory

Ahead of a festive dip into Nat Funni’s ‘TV soaked mind’, we snagged five minutes with the hilarious host to talk all things NFTV, comedy inspirations, the state of UK theatre arts, mayoral slogans, and (of course) things to do in London…

Hey, Nat Funni, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Tell us about your next episode of NFTV – what should we expect?

This next episode of NFTV is all about the “holidays” since it’s in December, but with a silly twist since we don’t take things too seriously down on the Funni farm. You can expect drag, burlesque, clowning, even a tiny bit of crap magic and ridiculous games.

How did NFTV come about and what have been the highlights so far?

NFTV is a combination of desperately wanting more joy, chaos and comedy in a cabaret night, after endless sprawling conversations about nostalgic TV shows, ideas for ridiculous cabaret acts with nowhere to go, and a commitment to being silly. Me and my handy AI, LOR3N (Loren Dell’Arco) decided to put our three brain cells together and not just showcase but celebrate queer and trans art, to spread a little joy and silliness in a world that isn’t always like that for us. We always get our audience involved and two of the highlights has to be our slime tutorial moment, and someone being dared to kiss our fridge Fabrizia.

Who or what inspires you to make your comedy?

One big inspiration that’s obvious from NFTV is Pee Wee Herman – I knew when I first watched that when I grew up I was going to have a sassy talking appliance or piece of furniture too. Plus other unhinged old school TV shows and adverts, the meme ones that got stuck in your head as a kid and you still can shout catchphrases on command to this day! I love a bit of slapstick and the everyday bizarre.

If you were Mayor of London what would your message be for Londoners?

Stay Weird, Stay Kind!

What are your favourite London haunts?

Favourite Haunts include Club Mexicana because who can resist tacos and electric pink? Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club for a top up on queer fun with shows like Top of The Slops, and then we top it all off with a trip to anything Bar Trash/Last Frame Club/Transmissions are hosting that month!

Don’t miss NFTV: Nat Funni Television at The Glory, 5 December 2023.