Interview: Xavier De Souza on Pop Art Oxjam Party 'Who the Fuck is Alice'

Interview: Xavier De Souza on Pop Art Oxjam Party ‘Who the Fuck is Alice’

We caught up with hot new events producer Xavier de Souza to talk about his pop music vs performance night Who the Fuck is Alice tonight (31st January 2014) at Vogue Fabrics & ask some HARD questions!


Who the Fuck is Alice | 31st January 2014 | 8pm-3am | Vogue Fabrics | £8/5

Tell us about how ‘Who the Fuck is Alice’ came about? What can an audience expect to see?

The idea for Who The Fuck is Alice came about from a mutual desire to do something quite unique. We wanted to get artists that we love who use pop music or references to pop culture to convey their art (in whatever shape of form) into one room and provide a commentary about the way our generation views and shapes the world.

Rather than just a showcase for new work, the night would then transform into a club night, but continuing with the pop and mainstream references.

We have such amazing artists (see the poster to the right) with lots of dancing, comedy, pea-eating contests and mad music! Jonathan Kemp and Lucy McCormick (from the ridiculously awesome company GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN) are DJing for us, so it should be a wild one!

How did you get involved with Oxjam?

I was having dinner with Rebecca Wilson, who is the Dalston representative for Oxjam and she mentioned she would like to do something with theatre or performance for a fundraiser.

So I immediately said I would do it (not sure if she had asked at that point ahah) and that we should do it at Vogue Fabrics. And together we came up with the template.

Tell us about your favourite secret/offbeat places in London ?

Oohhhh there are so many….

Food: Either Numara Bros on Arcola Road or Mangal Ocakbasi on Kingsland Road.

For a coffee, a chat and excellent music: Cafe Oto!

For performance and theatre, anything at ]performancespace[ in Hackney Wick, or ICA or Battersea Arts Centre

For cinema: Prince Charles in Leicester Square or Rio Cinema in Dalston.performancespacehackneywick

This is a really hard question Rupert!

What are your favourite things to do for free or little money in London?

Going to Hampstead Heath, sit down and read a book with magnificent views in front of you. Or Alexandra Palace.

What’s your ultimate London confession?

London is where I came to finally be and accept myself.