Welcome to the Brunch - The Best Late Breakfasts in London - UPDATED

Welcome to the Brunch – The Best Late Breakfasts in London – UPDATED

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It’s All About The Brunch!

Struggling to think of where to get brunched-up for the weekend ahead? Yeah, we know, it’s a bit of a First World Dilemma, but hey, we are what we are. So, here’s the To Do List guide to good brunch in London. And it’s definitely not an exhaustive list – these are just the places To Do List loves. Feel free to let us know where you get your brunch fix – Bloody Marys at the ready!

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Bill’s | Various Locations

BillsFormerly a Brighton institution, and now all over the place including branches in Covent Garden, Islington, Soho, Richmond & Wimbledon, Bill’s is great for breakfast (and other meals) any day of the week, but is really perfect at weekends when full brekkies, pancakes, porridge et al are available until 1pm. The cumberland sausage sandwich always hits the spot with a hot mug of tea! More Info

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The Blues Kitchen | Camden

blueskitchen3After an early wander around the markets, our favourite brunch spot in Camden is this great bar which boast a pretty authentic American diner menu. The brunch selection (10am-4pm Sat & Sun) should satisfy any healthy appetite – try the American Breakfast or the Texan Omelette to prepare you for the day ahead. More Info

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Chinwag | New Cross

ChinwagThe burgers are the specialty, but the breakfasts are pretty ace too. Cram yourself into this petit but perfect (and suitably quirky) new cafe/bar in New Cross for a cosy chat that might just spread to all the neighbouring tables. Not for the claustrophobic perhaps, but certainly for the lovers of offbeat – the menus are stuck into the back of random old books, so you can have a read if the company isn’t entertaining… More Info

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The Diner | Various Locations

DinerWith six branches already (Camden, Covent Garden, Islington, Shoreditch, Soho and Kensal Rise), and more on the way, The Diner could become the default brunch-stop of choice. There are no fewer than 17 all-day breakfast choices, so if you’re indecisive this may not be for you. If in doubt, the Hungry Man Breakfast will always do the trick – and you won’t need to eat again for quite some time… More Info

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Duck & Waffle | Heron Tower

Duck & WaffleOpen 24-hrs at the top of Heron Tower, it’s the brunch menu that really excites us about Duck & Waffle (well, that and the views) – this might be a bit pricey to visit every weekend, but £13 for a stonking breakfast looking down over the bustling city is a nice treat now and then. The Yorkshire Rib Eye is probably an even bigger treat, but it sounds a bit hefty for brunch. More Info

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Greenwich Union | Greenwich

Greenwich UnionA To Do List favourite, not least because we love Meantime beers – the Yakima Red is practically the To Do List house beer. The Saturday brunch (available until 1:30pm) is the perfect late start for the weekend – eggs benedict or the bacon butty with a side of chips and a sneaky pint of whatever takes your fancy should get you going nicely! More Info

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London Particular | New Cross

London ParticularThere’s a bit of (unashamed) SE London bias in this list, but they all deserve to be here. London Particular is a real treat – amazing coffee and gorgeous, freshly cooked food – garlic roast mushrooms, spinach & goats cheese on toast (with bacon if you’re feeling naughty) is the To Do List pick, but it’s all good! More Info

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Maeve’s Kitchen | Clapton

Welcome to the Brunch - The Best Late Breakfasts in London - UPDATED 1A treat for a sunny weekend in East London is Maeve’s Kitchen – where you can brunch until 3:30pm on the patio (if the weather allows)! Their veggie breakfast comes complete with homemade ‘baked beans’ and a garlicky green bean salad – scrummy. The french toast and guacamole toast also look fabulous and the staff are lovely. More Info

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The Queen’s Arms | Kensington

Queen's ArmsIf you find yourself in need of late-morning sustenance in the vicinity of South Kensington/Gloucester Road, this quiet pub tucked away down Queens Gate Mews is the oasis on the horizon. There’s an epic brunch menu on Saturdays, but if you’re with a friend/lover, look no further than the Breakfast of Champions (for two) – double up on sausages, bacon, black pudding, fried egg, bubble & squeak, baked tomato, mushrooms & toast, plus brisket beans, all served in a pan to share. More Info

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No. 67 | Camberwell

No 67A brunch menu TO DIE FOR, and the best news is that brunch is served until the perfectly civilised hour of 3:30pm. You probably wouldn’t expect to find amazing waffles, bacon & bourbon syrup in Camberwell, would you? Or a mouth-watering Full Spanglish (including chorizo & morcilla)? Well, it’s all true, and after you’ve gorged on amazing food (and maybe a glass of prosecco – why not?) you can mooch around the latest exhibition at the South London Gallery. Get you! More Info