★★★★½ Vegan Katsu Cheeseburger @ Halo Burger Shoreditch - Review

★★★★½ Vegan Katsu Cheeseburger @ Halo Burger Shoreditch – Review

You may have noticed that we’re quite partial to a (vegan) burger…

Vegan Katsu Cheeseburger | Halo Burger Shoreditch | For one month only, from 10th March

We returned to the recently opened Shoreditch branch of Halo Burger to try out the epic new burger from guest chef Tim Anderson…

Vegan burger purveyors Halo Burger have teamed up with MasterChef winner and Vegan Japaneasy author Tim Anderson to create a special edition burger available at the Shoreditch branch for one month only: the Vegan Katsu Cheeseburger!

Vegan Katsu Cheeseburger at Halo Bruger
Vegan Katsu Cheeseburgers

A 1/4lb Beyond Meat patty, deep-fried in crispy panko breadcrumbs,, battles for top-billing with a super-savoury (and similarly deep-fried) smoked Gouda-style cheese slice, all dressed with umami mayo, Tonkatsu sauce and shredded cabbage.

It’s a mouthful! In fact, it’s almost too big, a real challenge for anyone with jaws slightly less expansive than a python. And it’s messy – very much not a first-date burger, unless you’re both into that kind of thing! – with only the most experienced of burger connoisseurs likely to maintain bun structural integrity throughout the meal.

Happily, the jaw-ache and the sticky fingers are well worth it – this a flavour-packed, satisfying burger, which achieves the admirable in not tasting greasy despite very much being on every cardiologist’s naughty list.

Our Dutch dining companion vouched for the authentic style and taste of the deep-fried cheese element, and it really does add something special – while, of course, the pinko-coasted burger patty is a thing of soft-on-the-inside, crunchy-on-the-outside beauty itself.

Oh, and a pro-tip: if the bottom half of your bun fails to hold together, that cheese slice is a very effective substitute!

Vegan burger-lovers rejoice! This new – though temporary – addition to the Halo Burger menu is an epic success. Get stuck in!

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