Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

Unusual Things To Do in London This Week | 20 April – 26 April 2015

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Your one-stop culture shop – everything you really need to know if you’re looking for quirky, kooky or unusual things to do in London this week!


Monday 20th April – Sunday 26th April 2015

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Dead Royal by Chris Ioan Roberts | Ovalhouse | 21 – 25 April | 7:45pm (Sat: 5pm) | £10

Dead Royal | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

The Duchess of Windsor invites Lady Diana to a despair-laden bachelorette party to convince her to flee her impending marriage…

Actor-director Chris Ioan Roberts takes centre stage in this high-camp celebration of narcissistic megalomania on a 1980s scale!

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Early Days (Of A Better Nation) | BAC | 21 – 25 April | 7:15pm | £12

Early Days (Of A Better Nation) | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

The war is over and the nation lies in ruins. You and your fellow survivors must build the beginnings of a new country. What are the rules you’re going to live by? And can you avoid the mistakes of the past?

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Funny Peculiar | Udderbelly | 20 April | 7:30pm | £16 – £21

Funny Peculiar | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

A night of comedy and variety in support of The Mental Health Foundation, hosted by David Morgan and featuring Pete Firman, Marcel Lucont, Frisky & Mannish, Joe Lycett and Felicity Ward.

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Panti: High Heels in Low Places | Soho Theatre | 20 April – 2 May | 9:15pm | £10 – £20

Panti Bliss | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

Ireland’s high queen, national treasure, performance giant and accidental activist Panti Bliss charts brushes with infamy, near misses with fame, and adventures in the seedy underbelly…

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Barbarella’s Bang Bang | The Magic Garden | 24 April | 8pm | £5

Barbarellas Bang Bang | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

The accordion-toting 5 piece combine European gypsy folk with an emphasis on Romany and eastern blends. With support from Jingle Django (Gypsy jazz as if it was Balkan music and Rumba as if it was Klezmer) and Sacha Dieu (Balkan Gypsy Music and Global Beats DJing).

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MEXRRISSEY: Mexico Goes Morrissey | Barbican | 25 April | 8:30pm | £15 – £25

MEXRRISSEY | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

A team of musical gunslingers from Mexico’s finest bands reinvent Morrissey’s songs south of the border.

Featuring Camilo Lara, the force inside Mexican Institute of Sound, and compositions by Sergio Mendoza.

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Dear White People | Stratford East Picturehouse | 23 April | 8:30pm | £12.50

Dear White People | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

The New Black Film Collective present a preview screening of Dear White People: a social satire that follows the stories of four black students at an Ivy League college where controversy breaks out over a popular but offensive black-face party thrown by white students.

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New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival | 24 April – 3 May

Free Film Festival | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

A completely free film festival, run by volunteers. This week, screenings include Slacker (Saturday, 7pm), Love & Basketball (Sunday, 2:45pm) and Julie & Julia (Sunday, 4pm).

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It’s All Gone Tits Up! | BGWMC | 24 April | 8:30pm | £7 – £10

It's All Gone Tits Up! | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

A night of cabaret in aid of breast cancer, hosted by Carmon Mon Oxide and featuring Arthur Foxaque, Orlando, Kitty Bang Bang, The Late Night Shop Cabaret, The Hackney Secular Singers, Desmond O’Conner, Mr Lanterman, Fancy Chance and live music courtesy of Rum Buffalo.

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Transport Uncovered | The Museum Depot, Acton | 25 – 26 April | 11am – 5pm | £10

Transport Uncovered | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

London Transport Museum throws open the doors of its Depot in Acton, giving us the chance to peek inside and marvel at treasures from London’s transport past and present.

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Steakhouse Live Festival 2015 | Rich Mix | 25 April | 4pm | £15

Steakhouse Live | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

For one day only, the third annual Steakhouse Live Festival of Live Art and Performance takes over Rich Mix with a mouth-watering programme of live work from Tim Bromage, The Disabled Avant-Garde, Louise Doyle, Eilidh MacAskill, Marcia Farquhar and Joe Wild.

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Feast of St George | Trafalgar Square | 25 April | 12pm – 6pm | Free

The Feast of St George | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

Stuff your face like a king at this annual banquet on Trafalgar Square. This year promises 20 food stalls, a Music Bandstand & loads of free kids activities. WE HAVE BEEN PROMISED NO DRAGONS HAVE BEEN HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS EVENT.

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Capturing the Dead: Victorian Post-Mortem Photography | Florence Nightingale Museum | 23 April | 6:30pm | £8

Capturing the Dead | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

Holly Carter-Chappell, Collections Assistant at the Florence Nightingale Museum, talks about 19th-century memorial traditions, and aims to show how there are more links with modern day practices than we might think.

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SLAM Fridays Art Tour | Peckham | 24 April | 6:30pm | £10

SLAM | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

They Say: Expect some visual delights from the likes of Peckham Platform, SLG, Flat Time House, Bosse and Baum and we might even nip into the Arches Studios and see what they’re up to at the moment. Not only will you be seeing the most exciting and newest work coming out of South London by being on the tour you’ll receive exclusive introductions from curators and artists.

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Painted Ladies | Lime Wharf | 24 – 25 April | 7pm | Free

Painted Ladies | Unusual Things To Do in London, 20-26 April

They Say: An attempt by Drag Queen Oozing Gloop & Tattooist Jose Vigers to apply their shared craft of forced transformation to a social space rather than just some wicked bodies. Spanning over the course of one weekend it will involve a variety of different artistic practices.It is to be an interdisciplinary and intergenerational endeavour to offer ample opportunities for discussion, relaxation, stimulation and celebration for those who’ve ever inhabited a problematic personhood.

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