Free Fun this week! – TV Dinners Festival at the Chisenhale Dance Space

Dance like you mean it at Chisenhale Dance Space’s supremely titled TV Dinners festival from Wednesday 16th March we’re most looking forward to:

New Dance Film NightThursday 17th March | 7.30pm | Chisenhale Dance Space

This frenetic foray into the best of new dance film includes this rather splendid ‘Country Club’ by Noa Shadur…check out the trailer below…

Make your own DIY Pop Hit at…POP MAGIC! | Friday 18th March | 7.30pm | Chisenhale Dance Space 

Join Boogaloo Stu for an evening of musical alchemy, as his Pop Magic show explodes the myths behind writing a pop hit; giving the audience a unique opportunity to collectively write, produce and release a smash-hit pop single (and make a pop video for it too) in just 1 hour.

ONE HOUR??? What the hell? Are you crazy, man? Can it be done? God only knows. But join me for this musical masterclass to find out!

Audience members pick out a song genre from the lucky dip, and then assemble the music track, lyrics and melodies. Volunteers are invited to add vocals, and some will also be whisked aside by the wonderful Sparklemotion to learn a flashmob dance routine for the accompanying pop video.

Along the way, Stu reveals the modest but glittering highs and barrel-scraping lows of his own pop trajectory; and also how, in his teenage years, pop music shaped his future career and forged his own desire to perform.

The finished video is instantly uploaded to all the social networks – for all to see, hear and share, shortly after the video wraps.

****Make a night of it, and join Boogaloo Stu for Pop Kraft at the RVT afterwards!****

Booking is advised…call 020 8981 6617 or email to reserve your place!