Discover The Stories That Never Got Out At The Tower Of London

Discover The Stories That Never Got Out At The Tower Of London

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Tower of London

Open daily 9.00 until 16.30

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On the banks of London’s River Thames stands the infamous Tower of London, a 1,000-year-old castle that protects the Crown Jewels.

Over the drawbridge and behind the castle walls you’ll discover a tower of unexpected tales that never escaped this secure fortress, royal palace and infamous prison.

Behind the Tower’s heavily defended walls you can marvel at the breath taking, world famous collection of 23,578 gems in the priceless Crown Jewels, still used in royal ceremonies today. Find the places where people were imprisoned awaiting trial or punishment and discover and where three English queens were executed. Explore the spaces where famous prisoners were kept and discover the graffiti they left behind 500 years ago.

Visit the Medieval Palace which recreates the fabulous interiors used by medieval kings and queens, or explore the Royal Beasts exhibition and discover stories of the animals given as gifts to kings and queens including lions, elephants and bears that once ruled the Tower.

Relive the drama on your next trip to the Tower of London.

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