Tori Amos Album Launch - 'A Spellbinding Set'

Tori Amos Album Launch – ‘A Spellbinding Set’

Tori Amos Album Launch The Courtyard Theatre | 30 August

Tori Amos chose The Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton for the launch party celebrating the release of her latest album, Native Invader.

The intimate setting is a far cry from the Royal Albert Hall, where she’s due to appear on October 4th, but Amos enthrals from the start with an epic sound armed only with ethereal vocals accompanied by keyboard and piano. The new songs, including opener Reindeer King, conjure up the sweeping landscapes and powerful emotions inspired by a recent road trip she took through the Smoky Mountains to connect with the stories of her Mother’s family. This adventure was interrupted by both the political upheaval of the American election and personal adversity after Amos’ Mother suffered a severe stroke.

The new songs are not a just a soul-gazing meditation on loss or heartbreak, however, but are a response to nature’s ability to grow and heal. As Amos says, “Hopefully people will find strength and resilience within the songs to give them the energy to survive the storms that we are currently in.” The subtle interweaving of personal observation, gravitas and playfulness throughout this commanding performance clearly demonstrate that Amos has reached a superior level of artistic mastery, gained over the course of a 30-year career.

Older material is re-worked during the set, including 2005 B-side Ruby Through the Looking Glass. Songs both old and new have an otherworldly quality, bringing a magical sensibility to modern life that echoes the work of her close friend Neil Gaiman, author of American Gods.

There’s a humorous side too. “Let’s go and get trolleyed,” Amos says towards the end of the gig, charmingly breaking the spell and releasing us into the bar.

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