Cassie Atkinson’s Top 5 Bizarre Bingo Calls

Ah Bingo,

the beautiful beast keeping people occupied and competitive since it was first invented in the stone age in order to keep cavemen entertained whenever the broadband was down. And to celebrate our Charity Boozy Bingo, which will be raising money for the art charity Create.

Charity Boozy Bingo | Wednesday 14th September – 7pm | Canary Wharf Breakfast Club 

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Behold, here are my top 5 bingo calls…

i) Don’t get stuck, lubricate – 28

cream-621340_960_720A handy tip here. If you find yourself getting stuck in small holes or doorways simply lube up and pass on through with ease.

ii) 2 phat ladies – 88frog-1347642_960_720

All ladies are Pretty Hot And Tempting so let’s pay homage to all those sassy sisters out there.

iii) Never trust a swan – 61feathers-1225572_960_720

Just don’t.

iv) Grandma’s getting her boobies done – 41

grandma-824867_960_720So Grandma is going double G! Well as long as she’s got her zimmer frame to hold her up, she can go as big as she likes. Just one of the perks of being an older lady.

v) The Lawnmower – 14

lawnmower-384589_960_720What’s this? The Lawnmower, 14? That doesn’t make sense! Well, this is a classic bingo call back from the olden days. When the lawnmower was first invented it had a 14 inch blade and it was that exciting they named a Bingo call after it.
After the size of a lawnmower blade.
Now let’s all take a moment to look at the loved ones in our lives, our smart phones or sky tv and say –
THANK GOODNESS I LIVE IN 2016 where the world is a little bit more exciting

Got a better bingo call?

Don’t be shy leave a comment with your skillz below or even better shout it out at Charity Bingo