To Do List Daily: Unmissable Things To Do in London | Mon 8  - Sun 14 June 2020

To Do List Daily: Unmissable Things To Do in London | Mon 8 – Sun 14 June 2020

Welcome to week 412 of lockdown. It’s June apparently, but who’s counting?

Responsible types that we are, we’re still championing the “stay home” message – so enjoy this list of unmissable things to do in London, from the safety of your own home!

#1 – Stay at home and join the circus!

Online Drillaz Circus Tutorials | Tuesdays & Fridays | 6pm | FREE

Every Tuesday and Friday, the Drillaz Circus Tutors upload a free online Drillaz Circus School Tutorial.

Never mind if you’re a big-top virgin – the classes are for all abilities and can be practiced in your living room! TRY THIS AT HOME!

#2 – Subtitle Alert! Get your reading glasses on…

Eastern European Movies (with Subtitles) | From $5

Satisfy your cinephile tendencies by catching some suitably outré offerings from Eastern Europe.

The collection includes popular Eastern European films that have received critical acclaim at various European and World Film Festivals, plus rare finds that will impress even the most discerning film buffs!

#3 – Aurally imbibe some culture…

Radio Local: You Can Choose Your Friends But Not Your Family | 12 June | 1pm | FREE

Start the weekend early, as Hunt & Darton are joined by local hero Victoria Curran, Brian Reeves, Matthew Bell and Bourgeois & Maurice, plus Voicenotes with Strangers from Scottee & The News from Madhumita Bose.

#4 – Fill your pie hole!

Young Vegans | Order Online for Home Delivery

Make one of the amazing Young Vegans pies the centrepiece for some lockdown noshing. To be honest, it doesn’t matter what you put with them, the pies will always be the star of the show. We love them all, but special mention goes to the Cheezeburger Pie, pictured – we had them for our Christmas dinner last year!

#5 – Celebrate creatives who are women (and by the way SHE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED, trans women are women!)

Slackline Cyberstories | Released Weekly | FREE

Slackline Productions’ response to #stayathome is this series of videos which aims to support female directors, playwrights and scripts with strong roles for female actors, aged 35+.

Perfect for those ten minutes here and there, subscribe to the YouTube playlist for something: “a little bit theatre, a little bit film, some comedy, some tragedy and some firmly in-between, we’ll make you laugh, make you cry, and keep you entertained until the world is back to “normal” and beyond…”.

What should be on our next things to do in London – lockdown list?


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