Thursdays are DEAD! British Museum Late: Book of the Dead

We love the work of Home Live Art including their super Village Fete and we’re so excited to see Book of the Dead Late at the British Museum tonight. The spectacular and pyromaniacal Periplum present “‘The Traveller’: a series of episodic theatrical performances reflect the Journey into the afterlife, using translations from original Spell texts, spectacle, spoken word, dance, film, vocals by Juliet Russell from Vocal Explosion and music by Paul Johnson.”

Also expect:

  • To play ‘Senet’ the world’s oldest boardgame reinvented in life-size.
  • Shabti clay figure making.
  • Classical Egyptian Dance
  • Films depicting the rituals of death.
  • The Feral Choir – non verbal and spontaneous – sounds a hoot!

And all for free and in a museum! See you there losers.