The Idler & National Trust present 'An Idle Garden Party'

The Idler & National Trust present ‘An Idle Garden Party’

An Idle Garden Party | Saturday 6 July, 11am till 6pm | Fenton House, Hampstead | £6/4

an idle garden party

The rather fantastically intellectual The Idler campaigns against the work ethic and promotes liberty, autonomy and responsibility and now presents its first ever Idle Garden Party at the National Trust’s Fenton House in Hampstead, London. Think village fête with the atmosphere of Plato’s school in the groves of Academe.

The organisers promise a day of merry-making, philosophizing and drinking. There will be a recital of medieval and Renaissance music in Fenton’s fine orchard. You will also be able to learn bartitsu, the Victorian gentleman’s martial art, and take free lessons in Plato and the ukulele.

Escape the hubbub of the town and retreat to a gorgeous pleasure garden of idle delights including:

• Early musicians Michael Tyack and Jennifer Bennett

• Ukulele lessons with Danny Wootton

• Marshmallow entrepreneur Murphy Williams

• Philosophy tutor Mark Vernon

• Dance teacher Oliver Broadbent with lindyhop lessons

• Young Idlers kids’ stories and activities

• Bartitsu demonstration with James Garvey

• Beer tent courtesy of the Draft House

• Gin tent courtesy of Hendrick’s

• Drawing classes with Alice Stevenson

• Monmouth coffee

• Classical music talks with Sandy Burnett

• Cakes from Blueberry Hill

• Idler bookstall with Julian Mash