The Groundnut is a Friendly Foodie's Dream - Not To Be Missed!

The Groundnut is a Friendly Foodie’s Dream – Not To Be Missed!

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The Groundnut

9 Fair Street

Until 12th December
Wed-Sat: 19:30

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Sample Menu:

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An entirely unpretentious African-inspired dining experience courtesy of The Groundnut.

South Londoners Folayemi Brown, Duval Timothy & Jacob Fodio deliver a mouth-watering menu inspired by their African heritage.

Where many similar dining experiences fail, The Groundnut triumphs, rocking a warm, homely vibe whilst serving up three courses of truly amazing grub.

From the moment you arrive, comfort and conviviality is the name of the game: the team introduce themselves personally, and ease you into the beautiful, intimate dining space that is St John’s Hall.

The menu changes every day, so each night promises a new culinary adventure. On our visit on November 5th, the starter of groundnut soup & akara (black-eyed pea fritters) was a knock-out, deeply savoury taste-bud teaser which paved the way for a main course smörgåsbord: a beetroot & berbere stew, fried mackerel, black beans perfectly flavoured with star anise, a fennel & cucumber salad, white rice and a green coconut relish. Dessert was a cool and refreshing platter of green mango & pomegranate, washed down with glasses of groundnut (of course) milk.

Of course, the food is only part of the fun – whilst you could spend the evening staring only into the eyes of your date/lover/significant other, the Groundnut experience is a chance to mingle and make new acquaintances in a disarming, chilled-out environment – but WHAT A PART! To Do List has been to several similar dining ‘experiences’, but the food has never been this interesting or this good. The thought of returning the next night (and the next, and the next) to try out more new and exciting dishes is hard to resist!

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