THE CABARET VOLTAIRE - 'DADA' Theatre Lives this Thursday!

THE CABARET VOLTAIRE – ‘DADA’ Theatre Lives this Thursday!

THE CABARET VOLTAIRE | Thursday 27th of September | 8pm | ]Performance Space[ 6 Hamlet Estate, White Post Lane, London E9 5EN | Tickets: Donations on the door only (07834278002 (Xavier) /

Needless Alley are proud to invite To Do List readers to their next showing of The Cabaret Voltaire at ]Performance Space[.

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Xavier from Needless Alley explains the DADA madness: 

Continuing with our exploration of Dada techniques, practices and material researched in collaboration with the Manchester School of Art, we now intend to move slightly away from theatricalities of performances past and explore live building of work, interactiveness and a continuous experiment with language, space and the present bodies.

Focusing on installation pieces, live experiments of performance and language, this will be a showcase of work rather than a theatrical performance like we did in previous venues.

On our guest night, you will see the culmination of three intensive days of workshoping and debating material from the Dada era and how it might represent today’s world.

Ever wondered what Google and Dada have in common?

How does Hugo Ball’s revolutionary poem Totentanz (below) represent the world we live in today?

These are just some of the questions we are asking ourselves in response to Dada material.

You are invited to come and join our creative space not only as an audience member, but as a colleague, watching and debating as we go along. You are free to walk around, watch, touch, help shaping the work, sit, relax, eat, drink… whatever floats your boat.

Artists: Cordelia Howard, Almost Xav, Catherine Goodwin, Foxy, Bobby Hirston, See-Saw Performance Group, Karine Rathle, Dominique Vannod,

Twitter: @needlessalley