The Apple Cart Festival Rocks Our Little Socks Off!

Loserville actually cannot wait for this festival which is taking place this Sunday 7th August 2011 in leafy, lovely Victoria Park! It’s featuring some top offbeat superstars, who we can relate to including Patrick Wolf, Pam Hogg, Tim Minchin, Marcus Brigstocke, Magic Numbers, Saint Etienne and Loserville favourites Bourgeois and Maurice. Totally our kind of festival, small, friendly and just a little bit strange hehe (and it includes magic shows!). Get your bargain priced (£29.95 + bkg fee) tickets here

Top tips for the Apple Cart Festival:

Patrick Wolf: After meeting him at a lovely cafe in skanky Southeast London this journalist is really looking forward to checking out his new material and outlandish outfit choices…

The Art Car Boot Fair: Karen who invented this lovely day of art being sold out the back of cars, and we are eager to see their pop-up boutique version at the Apple Cart Festival.

Candlelit Matinee: Join in the topsy-turvy world of shadows and light that is the Candlelit Matinee. Follow the hand shadow signs and complete each task on their activity trail before being admitted to the final act – your turn in the spotlight on the Candlelit Matinee stage.

Pam Hogg: The oddball fashion icon will be DJing after Bourgeois & Maurice’s set.

Not forgetting our super dooper favourites BOURGEOIS & MAURICE, who will be limbering up for their Soho Theatre Run in September. More info about the festival here. We love these top trumps from their Facebook page