Mind your P's and Q's (and LOL's) - Introducing Textiquette

Mind your P’s and Q’s (and LOL’s) – Introducing Textiquette

Textiquette | 29th June @ 8pm | George Tavern, E1 | £10

Whether you’re a ROFL-guy, a PMSL-girl, or a speaker of the English language, we reckon we’ve spotted a show that will teach you all a few things.

Bring on Textiquette, a unique night of interactive performances exploring everything from money scams, twitter rants, sexting, exposés and internet stalking to how many kisses you put at the end of a text. Buy Tickets Here!


‘Letters to Anya’

by Geoff Deane

starring Perry Benson and Georgia Maguire, directed by Charlie Hanson

‘Through the Looking Screen’

a comic opera about a woman seeking love on the internet, written and composed by Anne Chmelewsky

‘Text Time with Bev’

(Lady Garden’s Eleanor Thom)

Stand-up from Jeff Leach and Luke McQueen


Burlesque artist Kitty Bang Bang 

Oh, and stick around for the after party, through ’til 3am if you’re so inclined, you party animals!

Follow them on Twitter: @Textiquette2012