Technology Week at Kings Cross Filling Station

Technology Week at Kings Cross Filling Station


14:00 – 1600
Lunchtime Tech Talk
Choy Ka Fai + Studio Homunculus, chaired by Beatrice Galilee

Studio Homunculus was founded by Joong Han Lee whose approach to design places human beings at the centre of the design process. His 2011 project Haptic Inteligentsia allows the user to explore what it feels like to touch and feel a virtual object. Listen to Joong talk about his work and the psychology of design.
Before his performance Choy Ka Fai will join us in our lunchtime session to talk about his projects, influences and working at the intersection between art, design and technology.

18:00 – 20:00
Choy Ka Fai

Choy Ka Fai is an artist, performance maker and speculative designer. For Electric Futures Ka Fai will be holding one of his lecture performances demonstrating the potentials of digital muscle memory. By studying the way that the body can be manipulated through dance Ka Fai will work with a dancer to provide a spectacular show for a live audience.

20:00 – 22:00
Strata #1