Over 50s Women Sought by a Granny Rapper: Ida Barr

Over 50s Women Sought by a Granny Rapper: Ida Barr

Home Live Art are looking for enthusiastic participants who would like to work with artist/performer Christopher Green, in his guise as Victorian Music Hall/Rapper star Ida Barr, on the project ‘Tea & Sympathy’.

Sit and listen, offer a biscuit and hear stories about other people’s lives….

No previous experience needed!

‘Tea & Sympathy‘ is part of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations at The Diamond Jubilee Festival in Battersea Park and Watch this Space Festival at the National Theatre.


  • Workshop at The National Theatre on Tuesday 29th May, 2pm-4pm
  • Performances in Battersea Park, 3rd June, 12pm-8pm (two-hour slots) and The National Theatre, 4th & 5th June 2pm-5pm.
  • NB everyone to attend the workshop and then choose one or more performance dates.

For more information please contact:

Laura Godfrey-Isaacs for Battersea Park
Tel. 07957 565336


James Pidgeon for the National Theatre
Tel.020 7452 3325