Sykur - Reykjavík's Next Big Thing! Playing Hoxton Square Bar + Kitchen, July 31st

Sykur – Reykjavík’s Next Big Thing! Playing Hoxton Square Bar + Kitchen, July 31st

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We caught up with Sykur, a great new electro four-piece from Iceland, as they galavant around the UK!

Sykur play Hoxton Square Bar + Kitchen on July 31st – MORE INFO HERE

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Is this your first time in London? If you have been before which are your favourite London haunts?

No this is our second, we were in London in 2011 and it was amazing. We love hanging in Hoxton Square in the sun and Brick Lane is awesome.

Can you describe what makes Sykur sound so different?

Our amazing singer Agnes, we mix her chainsaw voice with super-fat analogue synths and heavy beats.

What’s your ultimate soundtrack to the summer?

The Icelandic bands Bloodgroup, the album Ali by Grísalappalísa and I Wanna by Oyama have been on repeat all summer.

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What are your plans for the summer, any festival visits?

Yes, we just played an incredible show at the Secret Garden Party and that blew our minds.

It’s pretty hot here in London, do you have any Icelandic tips on how to cool down?

Sleep with frozen bottles of water and swallow ice cubes.

What event of your own would you like to pimp on To Do List?

We’re playing the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen on Wednesday 31st July.

Move over Björk Guðmundsdóttir, for Reykjavík’s next big thing has arrived!