Watch For Free! Stephen Fry & Alan Davies on The Science of Opera at the Royal Opera House

Watch For Free! Stephen Fry & Alan Davies on The Science of Opera at the Royal Opera House

A little while back, we previewed the rather splendid ‘The Science of Opera’ event!

A live opera discussion with our favourite QI stars Stephen Fry & Alan Davies, this looks like our favorite part of the Deloitte Ignite Festival. Sadly, the event sold out in seconds, and we hoped in vain that it might be moved to a bigger venue…

Luckily, the Royal Opera House was listening and now they’ve made it free for you to watch online via Twitter!

Stephen Fry said: “I am thrilled that we are able to use vast reach of Twitter to reach so many people with this live streaming. Hopefully by the end of the evening Alan won’t be the only person persuaded to try opera for the first time.”

To get involved simply follow @royaloperahouse on Twitter via the button below, and check back on Sunday 29 September just before 6pm!

The Science of Opera with Stephen Fry & Alan Davies | Sunday 29 September 2013 | 6pm | Twitter

They Say: In an exciting world first, The Science of Opera with Stephen Fry and Alan Davies will be streamed live exclusively through Twitter from the Royal Opera House as part of the Deloitte Ignite festival.
The event will see a team of medical scientists from Imperial College London discovering what happens inside us when we go to the opera. Opera lover Stephen Fry took his friend, Royal Opera virgin and QI panelist Alan Davies, to the Royal Opera House. They were hooked up with the latest medical gadgetry to record the physical effects on their bodies of watching Verdi’s political masterpiece Simon Boccanegra

The Science of Opera promises some landmark medical discoveries as well as answering some key questions; was Alan Davies won over by opera? Did Stephen Fry get shivers down the spine during the show? Did either of them fall asleep? And what could opera do to you?

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