★★★★ In Conversation with Standard Issue w/ Sarah Millican, Alex Jones, Katherine Ryan and Mickey Noonan

★★★★ In Conversation with Standard Issue w/ Sarah Millican, Alex Jones, Katherine Ryan and Mickey Noonan

Standard Issue Magazine have a lot to say. What better way to say it than with five women on stage, five mics and an open conversation?

In Conversation with Standard Issue | Various Dates

Tickets to ‘Standard Issue Magazine In Conversation with…’ get you first hand access to a rousing dialogue between five funny and smart women.  The panel may or may not know each other well already, so the frequent exchanges when they obviously relate and go ahead and make each other laugh out loud are infectiously funny for everyone in the room.  The quick wit on the panel makes this Q and A format work. Simples. Topics change and flow just like any conversation would.

Standard Issue Magazine (SIM) is, in their own words: ”A women’s magazine that didn’t pander to society’s narrow definition of what women are interested in, because, in fact, women are interested in everything”.  What was once an online magazine has become a weekly podcast. Every four weeks or so SIM will gig-cast a live recording.  As transformations or reincarnations go THIS embodiment of Standard Issue’s voice truly captures the magic of a live conversation.  It’s funny, informed and each panelist boldly confesses her own, uniquely female experiences.

Owing to the Central London location and 7pm start at the Leicester Square Theatre the choice is mine whether to begin or close my Sunday night with this event.  The theatre has 400 seats. In comparison to nearby cinemas and theatres, this is an intimate venue.  This venue is the perfect size to feel part of a conversation on stage and not a voyeur.  At a more intimate venue it would infer that we the audience should keep the show a secret. Gleefully nothing is held back and each speaker is deeply real and deeply entertaining. The frank contributions from the panel are their own experiences, articulated with confidence. I was party to Katherine Ryan’s advice on how to be oneself, insight from Alex Jones about seagulls and wedding vows and realities from Jess Phillips MP on the challenges of doing her job on a daily basis.

If you don’t already know SIM, like me, you’ll struggle to pre-empt this show based on neighbouring billed acts. Leicester Square Theatre is home to a plethora of comedy shows, which stem from recognizable, high profile comedians to new, up-and-coming performers.  It’s not strictly a stand up comedy venue.  If you don’t know about the performers from the off it’s hard to take a punt on a night at this venue without a bit of a Google in advance.

For women, by women, (but this is not exclusively a women-only audience) it appears to me that everyone is welcome to hear witty and relaxed female perspectives on current themes.  Sarah Millican and Mickey Noonan keep the questions coming and time flies by.  Special mention to Katherine Ryan from tonight’s show, for getting her feet out to show Mickey her non-existent little toenail..!

Show to show this event is going to change because the panel is different each time. A special Panel of Chaps is taking place to celebrate International Men’s Day at the Shaw Theatre. Details here 

I saw the following women on stage on 05/11/2017: Sarah Millican – comedian, Alex Jones – Presenter;  Katherine Ryan – comedian; Jess Phillips – MP and Mickey Noonan – journalist.

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