SPACED 2014 - Theatre Souk Takes Over Theatre Delicatessen

SPACED 2014 – Theatre Souk Takes Over Theatre Delicatessen

SPACED 2014 | Theatre Delicatessen | March 17-22 | 7pm | £10

spaced2014img2A gathering of some of the best young and emerging immersive theatre-makers at Theatre Delicatessen – a souk-style festival of cutting-edge creativity!

Theatre Delicatessen invites you to enter a world of truly bizarre experiences – anything could happen as you explore the hidden depths of the former BBC building on Marylebone High Street.

Whether you discover naked women covered in cake, find yourself in a pitch-black room with a problem to solve, or end up with a gun held to your head, your evening will certainly be…different


The entrance fee buys you access to the souk/marketplace – from there, you’ll have to haggle and barter with the various artists to experience their work.

They Say: 

For sale are not your usual goods and services.
Find out what’s really on offer in this marketplace with a twist: here, you might
stumble upon a bargain but first you’ll have to hunt down your goods,
haggle your price and hold your own; be brave enough to explore the boundaries.

Appearing at SPACED 2014:


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