Shoreditch Works Village Hall - Geek Hangout du Jour

Shoreditch Works Village Hall – Geek Hangout du Jour


Shoreditch Works Village Hall | 33 Hoxton Square

To Do List attended the launch of Shoreditch Works Village Hall on October 10th and now we bring you, dear followers, news of this fab new event space and geek hangout on Hoxton Square!

Shoredicth WorksSo, you’re mega excited about forthcoming OS X Mavericks, and you need a place to compare notes with your fellow tech geeks? Or you’re the type of bright young (or old) thing that likes to spend an evening listening to the likes of Facebook, IBM and Citrix talking about, erm, their stuff? Or you need a flexible event space for some snazzy spectacular you’re planning?

Well, Shoreditch Works Village Hall might just be right up your alley!

Macintyre Coffee CompanyThings that mean we love this place:

  • Great wifi – it might be a First World problem, but we really can’t live without our wifi!
  • Amazing coffee – once you’re connected, you need to stay awake – MacIntyre Coffee Company aims to craft a unique coffee experience for each customer. They develop revolutionary new coffee gear, they make delicious coffee, and there’s nothing they’d rather do.

Need another reason to love Shoreditch Works Village Hall?

Shoreditch Works is providing 20% of its calendar free to community events & non-profit organisations!. So, to make your digital heart glow with love and happiness, they have Hackney kids learning coding with Young Rewired State every week – not to mention lots of other cool stuff for organisations who can’t afford venues!


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