Shelter Me & Heatbreak Hotel Reviews

Shelter Me & Heatbreak Hotel Reviews

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These Shows Were Made For Walking!

The latest in a growing trend for promenade performance pieces, Shelter Me and Heartbreak Hotel are both excellent excuses to wear your comfy shoes to the theatre…

Shelter Me

Shelter Me | Theatre Delicatessen | 4 June – 5 July (Tue-Sun) | 8pm | £18

Circus company Circumference brings together a troupe of artists who have previously performed with Shunt, Cirque Eloize and Ockham’s Razor – an impressive pedigree – for this immersive, interactive walk-through performance.

Immersion comes by way of the audience moving freely around the imaginatively re-purposed office building in Clerkenwell, moving at will between hypnotic exhibitions of circus, audio and visual art, performances and installations.

Interaction comes by way of audience members being assigned buddies with whom they can communicate by text throughout the performance. As such, this is certainly one of those experiences where you get out what you put in – engage with your buddy, exchange pictures, experiences and interpretations, and you’ll have a great experience. Clam up, or let your phone battery run flat, and you might feel a little left out.

The climactic performance, literally, a high point… but we won’t spoil the surprise here – just be prepared to be wowed, moved, and encouraged to dance 90s style!

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[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”grey” align=”align_center”][vc_column_text]Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel | The Jetty | 2 June – 30 August | Various Times | £11.75 – £21.75

After the success of Shunt’s The Boy Who Climbed Out of His Face last summer, The Jetty is once again home to a quirky, immersive theatrical experience this year.

From the moment you ‘check in’, through the promenade performance itself, and late into the evening sipping cocktails in the bar, this is a fully engaging and interactive 360-degree night out.

Showcasing an inventive use of space, audience control and fractured-narrative storytelling, the show is a series of intriguing vignettes around the themes of love and heartbreak.

The pre- and post-show experience is as much a part of the event – The Jetty makes for a great drinking and eating spot literally on the river. We tasted a fab twist on a strawberry daiquiri, and filled our faces with some yummy comfort food: a stonkingly good prego roll, a super-tasty haloumi burger, and some mighty fine triple-cooked chips with a vast range of tasty dips!

Definitely one for those jaded by traditional theatre – and make sure to be prepared for a bit of a singalong…

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