Can you find the Secret Banksy?

Can you find the Secret Banksy?

An anonymous tip off has made us aware of a hidden unknown secret Banksy in the Waterloo area. Use the cryptic clues below and have a mini adventure care of To Do List.

From what we can tell, it’s not been seen or touched since the Cans festival in 2008 when Banksy was heavily influencing the area and the birth of Leake Street. It’s a neat little piece that has been authorised as a Banksy through the publication of the exact stencil in his published books.

We want to give London the chance to check it out, particularly with Banksy’s connection to the Waterloo area, but the fact that there are no Banksy’s there anymore.

nb. Jamie Oliver might beat you to this Secret Banksy if you’re not careful!

Secret Banksy