Review: Weirdos Comedy - Aloo Gobi at the Leicester Comedy Festival ★★★★★

Review: Weirdos Comedy – Aloo Gobi at the Leicester Comedy Festival ★★★★★

Officially To Do List’s favourite alternative comedy troupe, Weirdos return with surreal, one-night-only masterpiece Aloo Gobi.

It’s been a while since we last took a dip in to the bonkers pool of madness that is a Weirdos show, but just like riding a bike, you never forget how to enjoy an evening in the company of these joyous fools. Basically: prepare yourself for the silliest, happiest, most incredible escapism, and just cling on for the ridiculous ride.

Adam Larter’s latest play – and by play, we mean flight of pleasingly idiotic fancy – is a tale as old as time. Yes, it’s about getting your hands on your favourite curry! An indefatigable cast of assorted Weirdos populate an inexplicable and surreal pantomime, inspiring boos and whoops from a pleasingly astonished audience.

To bear witness to any Weirdos ensemble show is to take trip into some parallel universe where nothing truly makes sense, and for the better. Accents shift and swerve, teeth fall out, lines are skipped and actors corpse – and every scene is the better for it. There IS a plot – a lot of plot, actually – but Aloo Gobi is about the journey far more than the destination. There is a message too, an anti-capitalist protest against the tyranny of Deliveroo and the value of sitting down to a meal together in your local curry house.

But it is testament to Larter & co – a cast including Ali Brice, Alwin Solanky, Andy Barr, Ben Alborough, Beth Story, Cerys Bradley, Charlie Miller, Charlie Vero Martin, Letty Butler, Kat Cade & Michael Brunström – that the energy never drops, and the irreverent, offbeat humour never tires.

You probably won’t get a chance to experience Aloo Gobi – but make sure to check out the next Weirdo’s show, wherever and whenever it is. And in the meantime, go get stuck into your favourite curry dish (and delete the Deliveroo app!).

Images: Hannah Cameron