★★★★ Suicide Notes… the spoken word of Christopher Brett Bailey

★★★★ Suicide Notes… the spoken word of Christopher Brett Bailey


Suicide Notes… the spoken word of Christopher Brett Bailey


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Shoreditch Town Hall

2-4 May | 8pm | £12.50

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An intriguing and engaging evening, edging wonderfully beyond comprehension.

Christopher Brett Bailey’s work engages an audience in mysterious ways. You can’t help but be drawn in, and yet at times you may well struggle to comprehend all of the words and the way they have been placed together. Even when the latter might be true though, Brett Bailey’s delivery, timing and lyricism ensure that the experience – however challenging – remains surprisingly consumable.

Just when you feel that you might be struggling to keep up with the relentless flow, a single word or phrase pushes through to bring everything suddenly – and excitingly – together.

Among the highlights of this show are the contrasts within it – both in terms of style and delivery. At times the performance is more casual and laugh-out-loud funny than one might expect (given his previous work), at others as intense and affecting as you’re likely to experience, an undulating format which creates a delicious feeling of discord.

Each performance of Suicide Notes… is made up of a changing roster of pieces – some shorter, some longer – from Brett Bailey’s new book, suicide notes: the short works of christopher brett bailey. Our evening included some breezy, and some more challenging selections, creating a (nicely) strange, changing and anticipatory atmosphere. And whatever the difference from one piece to the next, none of them disappointed – we’d go again in a flash, eager to hear more of the repertoire!

Suicide Notes… continues to tour the UK – check Christopher Brett Bailey’s website for details.