Siegfried and Joy

Review: Siegfried and Joy – Las Vegas in London ★★★★★

There were moments of gold and there were flashes of light, as Siegfried und Joy provided an hour of endless pleasure, high-octane dad dancing, and hilarious magic that didn’t fail to miss a beat! 

Las Vegas in London by Siegfried and Joy | Etcetera Theatre | 19-21 February | £13

Review: Siegfried and Joy - Las Vegas in London ★★★★★ 1

Siegfried und Joy’s stupidly brilliant / brilliantly stupid debut show – Las Vegas in London – is an unmissable and joyous party of magical mayhem. Siegfried leaps around the stage with childish glee, equally fast with his hands as he is with his feet – Dad dancing and star-jumping about, delivering quick-fire illusions. Joy’s jaw-dropping mentalism tricks would easily rival the likes of Derren Brown, yet are delivered with the same polish and charm as you’ve grown to love if you’ve been following the duo’s rise on TikTok. 

The show was nostalgic at times as the duo took us back to our childhood favourite tricks, the kind you probably saw at your 6th birthday. Other memorable tricks brought Las Vegas on a budget, with tigers, glittery curtains and star-studded-sequin suits that still had the costume hire label on!

Siegfried and Joy

The humour, physical comedy and gags all landed to great acclaim – even when the tricks deliberately didn’t. It’s hard to tell if Siegfried und Joy are at the very top of their craft, with every moment meticulously planned, or just two guys having the best time of their lives and taking the audience along on the journey.

They are witty, authentic, loveable and clearly deserving the title of the new superstars of magic. 

We are just hoping that for their next trick, the duo will conjure up some more UK dates!