Fuerza Bruta at Roundhouse

Review: Fuerza Bruta ‘AVEN’ at Roundhouse ★★★★★

A kaleidoscopic party of joy, spectacle and wonder. The extraordinary and impossible visual sensation that is Fuerza Bruta returns to the Roundhouse. Unmissable.

Step inside the giant donut of Camden’s legendary Roundhouse for a show like no other. The crowd are buzzing, the DJ is hyping up the room, and a series of eye-boggling sensations await behind black curtains.

The brand new show – Aven – is intensely physical and largely non-verbal, with a series of spectacular feats. These mainly feature lithe revolutionaries strapped to incredible apparatus including an illuminated globe, a wind tunnel and a floating swimming pool. The feats of engineering, rigging and technical novelty are astounding, but are truly brought to life by the human energy of the performers.

Review: Fuerza Bruta 'AVEN' at Roundhouse ★★★★★ 1

The audience stands in the centre of the action and moves around the space to the pulsating energy of the music, visuals, lighting and performances. A few of the set pieces are beyond belief (don’t worry, this is a spoiler-free review) and the jaw-dropping magic drips over an enthused crowd. The use of smoke, wind and paper confetti creates mind-mangling, gorgeous scenes that are made for Instagram Reels and TikTok (but please switch off your attention stealer, if you can, and lose yourself IRL).

Review: Fuerza Bruta 'AVEN' at Roundhouse ★★★★★ 2

The show feels perhaps a little embryonic, with the music, flow or audience involvement not quite as tight as previous outings, lacking the adrenaline and WTF of the brand thus far. Perhaps ‘the happiest show on earth’ quote from Time Out has led to a more Disneyfied version of the original, which exploded with a raw, sweaty and risky celebration of feeling over thinking.

Nevertheless, Aven revitalises a summer full of dark theatres, providing a refreshing addition to London’s sometimes lackluster summer schedule. The show could have an amazing future around the country in venues like Factory International’s Aviva Studios.

See the show and feel the rhythm of freedom, out of this world experience and visual artistry second to none.