Project X, London - SHHHH!

Project X, London – SHHHH!

We’re very excited to bring you first news of the incredible new show & game experience which takes you to the underworld of London’s Covent Garden, read more from the horse’s mouth below.

And so the game begins…

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Someone to find, clues to decipher, a plot to solve…The Covent Garden underworld awaits you.

A killer concoction of time travel, murder and cryptic clues combine as you meet mysterious characters at covert locations in Covent Garden who will help you to unravel the secrets of Project X.

Dare to be part of Project X – an immersive theatrical experience you won’t forget!

Shows run from 11.00am to 3.00pm on Saturdays and Sundays until 4 November 2012 and last approximately two hours.

The Project X journey starts in Covent Garden Piazza and continues on foot around the neighbouring area. The audience will be in two groups of a maximum of 15 people.

What is this?
Part game, part show, part experience. Project X is an interactive immersive theatre experience…which means, it’s a play that you get involved with. You have to solve clues, find characters and walk around.


Is it at London Transport Museum?
It starts and finishes at London Transport Museum. Some of it happens in the Museum and some of it happens in locations around Covent Garden. You’ll see the museum, but not as you know it. If you want to come back, your ticket will let you in for up to a month after the show.

Who are tradesecrets?
tradesecrets is a company that specialises in producing immersive interactive theatre pieces and also applies that experience to writing and delivering high end training and development programmes to help individuals and groups develop new ways of working and thinking.

Why do I have to keep it a secret?
Nobody likes to know whodunit before they’ve worked it out themselves. It’s more fun and it lets you have something up on your friends.

I don’t like walking, will I like this show?
I don’t know. How much don’t you like walking? There’s quite a bit involved, but there are also places to sit down. Bear in mind though, the show lasts about two hours and much of it you will be walking around or standing in Covent Garden.

I’m in a wheelchair, can I still come?
Yes. Please give us a ring though, so we can makes sure you get the best experience possible.

Do I get a discount for being a Museum Friend and/or work for Transport for London?
Yes! Please let the box office know when you book your ticket.

Does this have something to do with the film Project X?
Nothing at all. Just the same name.

I don’t have an email address, can I still come?
Yes. We will post the information you need out to you, or leave it at the Ticket Desk for you to collect.

Can I bring the family?
This show is aimed at adults and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Can I bring my children?
This show is aimed at adults and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Can I bring my dog?
Unless your dog is your eyes, then I’m afraid no dogs are allowed at the show. They’re too clever and get through the thing in about 20 minutes which just spoils it for everyone.

I want to bring 15 people is that ok?
That’s great, bring ‘em all, and we’ll make sure you’re all together. And we offer a group discount for groups  over 10

I want to bring 30 people is that ok?
Fantastic! We offer a group discount.

I want to come on my own, is that ok?
Absolutely, you brave thing you. It’s an interactive show and you will probably end up talking to the rest of the audience before you know it. If you are comfortable with the concepts of time travel and murder, then you will be just fine.

Do you do private parties?
We surely do, although if you have less than 30 people, you will still have to purchase all the tickets for the time you want to come.

Do you do corporate events?
Hmmm. Maybe. Give us a ring and let’s talk.

What if it rains?
We can’t control the weather, so make sure you are prepared for all eventualities. We are British, we are hardy, this thing goes on come rain or shine. Make sure you do too.

What exactly do I get for my money?
You get approximately two hours of mind boggling, head spinning fun. You get a return ticket to the London Transport Museum, valid for up to one month from the time of your show, and you get a 10% discount in the fabulous moquette-tastic * London Transport Museum shop.

I might be late….
Don’t be.

Will there be any surprises?
No strobe lights are used. We do use dry ice, and if you dislike the dark then please speak to a member of staff.

Can I take photos?
Can we stop you? Of course you can! And if you can let us know if you use them online then that would be fabulous. But please please please don’t spoil the experience for other participants. That would be less than fabulous.

*What is moquette?
Don’t waste my time dear. It’s the seat covering used on tube and bus seats.