No more pop-ups! Here's our guide to Permanent London

No more pop-ups! Here’s our guide to Permanent London

Sick of pop-ups, well, popping up? Here’s our guide to permanent London, a smorgasbord of cultural gems you may have forgotten about…we’d love your suggestions to add to the article so please leave a comment below the post!

Eltham Palace & GardensEltham Palace

South-East London is skanky right? No, you’re wrong bucko! Built for millionaires, Eltham Palace displays the glamour and decadence of the 1930s. 2 for 1 entry

Florence Nightingale Museum

Travel through three exciting pavilions where you will relive her childhood, understand her experiences in the Crimean War and learn about how she pioneered modern nursing practice. See how the themes of superbugs and care of soldiers were just as relevant then as now. 2 for 1 

Geffrye Museum

One of our favourite museums in London, the Geffrye isn’t just the best place to learn about the changing styles of the English domestic interior – it’s also great for a quiet stroll around the beautiful herb garden, a peaceful picnic on the lawn, or a civilised lunch in the cafe. Reopens in Spring 2020.

Hunterian Museum

Hunterian Museum

Unlock the secrets of the human body by taking an audio-tour of the Hunterian Museum, London’s oldest museum of anatomy and pathology. Take a tour through the history of surgery and learn how great discoveries such as vaccination, anaesthetics and antiseptics have played a major role in improving public health and making surgery safer and pain-free.

London Canal Museum

The London Canal Museum tells the story of London’s canals from the early days as important trade routes to today’s more leisurely pursuits.  Learn about the cargos and people who strove to make a living on the canals, and the horses that pulled the boats. See inside a narrowboat cabin, work a boat through a model lock and peer down into a huge Victorian ice well. 2 for 1

The Monument

The Monument

Don’t fancy the London Eye? Climb the steps to Monument and you’ll be in for a great view.

National Theatre Backstage Tours

Go backstage at the UK’s largest theatre complex.

The Old Operating Theatre

Learn about 19th century surgery in the rather creepy attic of a baroque church. 

Sir John Soane Museum | Free Monthly Candle Lit Tours

Sir John Soane Museum is the ultimate cabinet of curiosity, enjoy it in the dark for free but be warned: you may have to arrive in advance to get a ticket.

Tate Britain

Forget the Tate Modern’s tourist mecca and go back to the beginning of the Tate phenomenon.

Victoria & Albert Museum

The recently reopened furniture galleries, as well as the treasure trove of art & design history, are definitely worth a revisit of this cultural megastar. Not to mention the incredible shop!