FREECOLA: Enjoy FREE CHERRY POP UP taste experience by Pepsi Max Cherry & The Robin Collective

FREECOLA: Enjoy FREE CHERRY POP UP taste experience by Pepsi Max Cherry & The Robin Collective

Set your taste-buds to RED ALERT and head to Brick Lane for the Cherry Rooms by The Robin Collective & Pepsi Max Cherry – a wild & ingenious interactive taste explosion!

The Cherry Rooms | 133 Bethnal Green Road | 26-29 March | FREE (No booking required)

We loved discovering that one of London’s old stores at the top of Brick Lane had been transformed into a multi-sensory wonderland by the ingenious Robin Collective.

What at first appears to be a small, unassuming soda shop, is quickly transformed as you crawl through a secret entrance to embark on a journey of taste discovery over four rooms that will explode all your senses!

There are surprises galore, from a surprisingly cagoule-oriented entrance, to an edible cherry tree and molecular mocktails from leading mixologists.

A haven for adventurous foodies and cola lovers alike, alongside the fully immersive edible journey, The Cherry Rooms will also host a series of free 45-minute workshops. The dynamic duo behind the concept, The Robin Collective, will host the ultimate ‘supertaster’ test in their Flavour of Science workshop, whilst beauty expert Hattie Fieber will give lessons on the next big craze – edible beauty treatments. One of London’s finest mixologists Michael Stringer has created a unique Pepsi Max Cherry molecular mocktail for visitors to enjoy whilst they indulge in this bold and unexpected experience.

Founded by Robin Fegan and Brandy Wright in 2010, taste bud hackers The Robin Collective merge the worlds of science and art to create ingenious flavour experiences that come to life in theatrical, interactive and edible installations.

Today, The Robin Collective is a diverse group of innovators, designers, chefs and entertainers, brought together by Robin and Brandy to push the parameters of possibilities and deliver never-before-seen flavour experiences.

They say:

“We’ve been so excited to launch The Cherry Rooms for Pepsi Max Cherry. This project has allowed us to really push the boundaries and bring to life some of our wildest ideas. Working with an exciting and bold brand like Pepsi Max has meant we’ve been able to really test the limits of creativity, which we hope will WOW visitors to the experience.”

“When people ask us what’s inside we don’t want to give to much away, but each of the rooms from the soda bar front of house to the final ‘vortex’ space has been designed to touch on each of the senses: taste, touch, sound, sight and smell. Anyone who visits will be taken on a journey from beginning to end and can expect to discover loads of exciting, different edibles and interactive stations along the way.”


Website: for further information, workshop times and to secure places.

Workshops: Free. Booking not essential, but places can be booked to avoid disappointment.

Flavour of Science – Ever wondered what a ‘supertaster is?’ Why do people experience taste in different ways? Learn the science behind our senses with The Robin Collective, who will guide you through flavor science principals with some fun taste experiences along the way.

Edible Beauty – From chapsticks, face masks and hand scrubs, The Robin Collective will provide an opportunity to make your own edible beauty treatments and what’s more, you can take your wears home.