UPDATED: To Do List Local - Peckham

UPDATED: To Do List Local – Peckham

Not far down the road from To Do List HQ, Peckham is home to a growing list of kooky, offbeat, and (dare we say it?) cool things to do and places to go!

Following on from our popular guides to the joys of New Cross & Acton, here’s a few of our favourite Peckham-tastic pleasures – LONG LIVE THE PECKHAISSANCE!

The NINES Peckham


The NINES is a gorgeous new arrival in the Copeland Park/Bussey Building area & is packed full of lovely events, food & a community atmosphere.



An ace new addition to the Peckham scene, Pedler is a food-lovers dream! Amazing sharing plates of tasty, seasonal food make up a menu that changes daily – expect squid, lamb and chicken one day, crispy pork, cod or mushrooms the next. The cocktails, nearly all containing the mighty fine Little Bird Gin, are excellent, and the bread & butter pudding is to die for!


Bar Story

Hidden under the arches of Peckham Rye station, Bar Story is the bar you take your cool out-of-town friends to, to make them think you’re always drinking amazing cocktails and lesser-known continental beers next to roaring fires in recycled steel barrels, surrounded by an arty South London crowd.


Bellenden Road

If you laughed at Bellenden, you might not fit in. A bit up itself perhaps, but Bellenden Road is home to some nice pubs, independent shops and cafes, and Antony Gormley-designed bollards.


Chai’s Garden

The first of our not-strictly-Peckham-but-Nunhead-is-close-enough choices – Chai’s Garden is just around the corner from Nunhead station, and is a great place to grab some tasty Thai food whilst wondering how you ended up in Nunhead.


The CLF Art Cafe

The definition of eclecticism. Theatre, bar, studio, for music, art, theatre, dance, workshops and all that jazz. If it’s worth doing, it’s probably happening here.


The Old Nun’s Head

After wandering around the cemetery, or shovelling down some Thai food, head along to the Old Nun’s Head next to Nunhead Green. Ace food and a good drink selection, and the ubiquitous weekly quiz (Thursday).



Ah, the famous PeckhamPlex. An independent cinema that’s also cheap as chips. All tickets, all day, just £4.99 – and they do EE 2-for-1 on Wednesdays too! Do as we do: buy your tickets early, then head to Bar Story for a pre-film drink or three.


Peckham Platform

A charity which aims to create meaningful and accessible social arts for Peckham and beyond, working with the artists who prioritise working with people and communities.


The Rye

Yes, another pub, but we like a nice pub. This one is nestled (yeah, nestled) right next to the common, serves, um, booze, and has some pretty tasty grub to go with it.


Nunhead Cemetery

One of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries of London (can you name the other six? Oh, sod off cleverclogs!), Nunhead cemetery is perfect for a Sunday afternoon walk. Perfect, that is, if you love all things gothic and are of a funereal nature. Their are guided tours on the last Sunday of each month.


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