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Senior board members Jude, Lola & Polly urge you to partner with To Do List this year*

*Partly for their own kibble needs.

You can help end the plight of GoCat by simply partnering with us!

We don’t do advertising, only content-based partnerships that we are proud to endorse with no annoying banner ads or pop ups. You hate these and so do our readers.

We’ve been the offbeat guide to London supporting culture, creative businesses & inspiring people for over 7 years now and our readers love us.

We also have:

  • Over 50,000 Unique Monthly Readers
  • Over 7,800 Twitter Followers
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The details are below for our very affordable rate card. We’re happy to offer discounts for charities, community organisations & start-ups (at our discretion).

We’ve worked with brands such as Science Museum, Belarus Free Theatre, Natural History Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe, Two Together Railcard, The Groundnut, Absolut Vodka, Imperial War Museum, OnBlackheath Festival, Lyca Mobile, Joop, Kabbee, Star Trek Live, The Invisible Dot, Ministry of Waxing, TEDx, Barrio Bars, House of Hemingway, Taschen and more.


If this sounds good to you, please pay in advance and book a date and we’ll confirm right away.