Overcoats = ‘Simon and Garfunkel meets Grimes.’ – Interview

We caught up with emerging Brooklyn duo Overcoats on their irresistible album The Fight.

Main photo credit: Chloe Le Drezen

Tell us about the new album. What should people new to your music expect?

People should expect to hear something really genuine and heartfelt. Vulnerable lyrics, lots of harmony, and gritty guitars. Simon and Garfunkel meets Grimes. 

What/who are your influences in making your music?

We are influenced by so much art that is being made right now. We love Feist, Sylvan Esso, St. Vincent…as well as older influences like Beatles, Talking Heads, Iggy Pop.

Visual art also inspires us both a lot. Georgia O’Keeffe and Frida Kahlo are some of our favorites. Our band name was inspired by an Egon Schiele print. 

What does it take to make the harmonies in your music?

It’s mostly trial and error mixed with a weird spiritual connection between our voices. Our voices, when singing in harmony, sound like one voice instead of two.

We love creating harmonies that are a little bit out of the box and not simply a third above. And we love to jump higher and lower than each other in the middle of a song, or in the middle of a line. 

Your cover art for ‘Fire and Fury’ is a powerful image of female solidarity. What’s your message for your womxn fans?

The cover art for Fire & Fury (which is also our album cover) is a powerful reminder that there is always push and pull, there are nuances to feminism, and there are many definitions of the word “fight.”

Overcoats = 'Simon and Garfunkel meets Grimes.' - Interview 1

We can get through the fight and we can lead the fight. Solidarity with all the womxn out there fighting for what they want to be and see in the world. 

What are your favourite New York haunts?

Public Records in Gowanus, Brooklyn is an amazing record store, bar, venue, listening space. They prioritize making things sound good and the interior décor is very cool. 

Overcoats = 'Simon and Garfunkel meets Grimes.' - Interview 2

The Sultan Room in Bushwick is the place to see all good emerging artists. Amazing backdrop and lights and a speakeasy, oriental vibe.