Older People Special: Age Exchange, Bingo & Weekend at Wilton's

Older People Special: Age Exchange, Bingo & Weekend at Wilton’s

Older People Special: Age Exchange, Bingo & Weekend at Wilton's 1

Age Exchange

We’ve always been in love with the quaint and rather gorgeous Age Exchange shop nestled in the the equally pretty Blackheath Village. Little did we know that Age Exchange works with older people to improve their quality of life by valuing their reminiscences. They do this through visual and performance arts projects, intergenerational projects, exhibitions, publications and documentary film. Follow their extraordinary work on Twitter here: @Age_Exchange.

The centre is currently closed but they are running a wonderful library at the Bakehouse in Blackheath which they run for Lewisham Council. They also run some amazing training courses in Creative Reminiscence in Care, dementia and creative arts for older people. Click here to find out more.

Older People Special: Age Exchange, Bingo & Weekend at Wilton's 2Bingo and not the trendy kind

Yes we’ve all heard of Underground Rebel Bingo, Gay Bingo and the like but this is all about the REAL THING BABY.

Bingo is not about being cool, it is the divine fusion of gambling, chips & gravy and having a mascot. Yes many dobber have a lucky mascot which is placed on the table of choice. Bingo is a great, cheap and potentially drunken night out. Mid week is best at Gala Bingo as you often get free games.

Gala Bingo Tooting is our favourite bingo hall as it is in a former Russian Orthodox Church. Email Tooting.Club@galabingo.co.uk to join.

Weekend at Wilton’s

£2 Entry for OAPs for the best new wave cabaret in London!

Friday 25 May 7.30pm | Saturday 26 May 7.30pm | Sunday 27 May 4pm

Wilton’s Music Hall, Graces Alley, London E1 8JB Sold out! Hopefully they add more nights and the tickets have mainly gone to OAPS.

A swanky performance palais for pensioners … and younger Duckie darlings.

Starring Up & Over It, Scottee, Miss Behave, Dickie Beau, The LipSinkers, Jessica Walker, Craig Reid and The Bees Knees

Plus 30 pensioners and 30 teenagers from London’s east end doing some arty stuff