Our new NYC Correspondent Daniel Conroy’s First Tasty Guide

The first thought that goes through a tourists mind when they think ‘New York City’ is: Times Square. They think about the lights. The craziness that comes with walking in said area, and the Broadway shows that are within a short walking distance. One thing that these folks don’t realize is that, yes, this area is a very distinct part of New York City… but, to locals, it’s a tourist trap.

People come to New York City for its tourist attractions, but one thing they shouldn’t get stuck doing is eating at primarily “dime a dozen” restaurants. Few tourists realize that, yes, there are conveniently placed mega-restaurants in Times Square, BUT, a short walking distance away is a world of cuisine that provides a better bang for your buck. Why pay $17.50 for a burger at a restaurant you can eat at while home for half that price, when 2 short blocks away there’s a mom & pop shop that serves up a better tasting and lower priced meal with service that beats out anything you would receive elsewhere.

I leave you with some highly recommended restaurants to try when in town and willing to step off the beaten path. (Click the thumbnails to go straight to the restaurant websites!)

Max Restaurant
When looking for Italian and a fantastic pasta dish with a spruced up glass of Sangria, look no further than Max Restaurant.  They have two locations, but I suggest heading to the East Village location to experience the original.

Dos Caminos
If you’re in the mood for Mexican, I’d suggest Dos Caminos. The restaurant is a little more known then the traditional mom & pop shop, but still only has locations in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and New York City.

Arriba Arriba
And if you’re looking for a good drink and a DJ while eating… give Arriba Arriba a shot.  The West Side location has the DJ after specific hours. I suggest you get there before 7pm as it tends to get crowded with a lengthy wait time.

Cafe Mogador
Not being a huge fan of trying something new, it took my friends a while to get me to try Moroccan. But, since the first visit it’s become a favorite. There’s something for everyone on the menu, and the atmosphere is what will make you come back.


East of Eighth
If you just want something contemporary, give my favorite restaurant/bar in New York a shot. There’s no one thing that stands out the most more than the service. These folks make sure you enjoy yourself.


Chelsea Grill of Hell’s Kitchen
And an extra tip for the Theater Folks. May I suggest you give Chelsea Grill of Hells Kitchen a try. It has GREAT Theater Specials, as well as a wallet friendly happy hour.