Normcore - 10 Ways to Be Normal in London

Normcore – 10 Ways to Be Normal in London

As much as we’re all about the quirky, kooky and offbeat, sometimes what we really yearn for is a dose of comforting normality.

And with the advent of the hot new fashion/lifestyle trend NORMCORE, now seemed liked the perfect time to share ten ways to be normal in London.

A list for those times when being distinctively different is just too much like hard work!

1. Shop normal at Primani

Normal clothing at abnormally cheap prices. No ethics mind, but when you can get decent jeans for a tenner and t-shirts for £2 it really tests your conscience.

Get inspiration at Primania

2. Watch normal at Middle of the Road

Cabaret deadbeats Bourgeois & Maurice & David Hoyle are tired of the endless glitterfest that is their lives. They have decided to make a show which aims squarely for the middle of the road.

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Photo Credit: busbeytheelder via Compfight cc

3. Eat normal – Use Tastecard at Pizza Express

No norm can resist the allure of a Tastecard deal, and Pizza Express seems to be the easiest to track down whereever you are. DOUGH BALLS!

Get a Tastecard

4. Watch a normal SEQUEL at a multiplex

As we heard recently at a multiplex ‘sometimes you just need a bit of trash’ and 2014 is the year for it! Tinseltown has graced us with the likes of Transformers 4, Expendables 3, 22 Jump Street et al, and there’s more to come…

See what's on at Cineworld

Photo Credit: Iain Farrell via Compfight cc

5. Become a normal London tourist – Visit the London Dungeon & outside City Hall

London is awash with normal tourist activities. Why not try the London Eye, London Dungeon or even Namco Station.

Read the London Planner

6. Be a normal sports fan

Try your hand at watching The Beautiful Game (i.e. the sport most normal people like) in the very normal Wembley Stadium with the Euro Qualifiers this autumn.

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7. Eat some normal British grub

Fish and chips, sausage, chips and beans, ham & chips, pie & mash, chicken shop chicken n chips – the list goes on. All these goods, especially the potatoes, are an essential part of normal London. Eat cheap and be merry!

Find your nearest Wetherspoon's

8. Drink a normal pint

Drop those fancy craft beers and the latest new imported rubbish and get some real ale down your hatch.

Find your nearest Wetherspoon's

9. Explore a normal park 

Escape the yummy mummery of the Royal Parks and find your local. We’re talking Brockwell Park, Hampstead Heath & Crystal Palace (the one with the dinosaurs).

Check out the Parklife map

10. Do some normal exercise

Never mind Bikram Yoga, have a good old fashioned walk. Take a dog or spouse if that tickles your fancy.

Find a walk with Walk London


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