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Night Tube FAQ & Things You Can Now Do


The long awaited opening of the Night Tube in London means our fine city definitely trumps New York for the ‘city that never sleeps’ crown.

From Friday 19th August the Central and Victoria lines will be open around the clock on Friday and Saturday nights.

What will this mean for a dwindling night-time economy, including the recent closures of mega-club Fabric and Hackney Wick wonder Shapes? And more importantly, will our beloved/beleaguered night bus and its hardworking (sometimes maniac) drivers get some much deserved relief?

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The Night Tube in a Nutshell…

night tube map


What’s it all about?

Jubilee and Victoria lines – will run all night on Friday and Saturday, with trains running on average every 10 minutes across the entire lines

Central line – trains running approximately every 10 minutes between White City and Leytonstone and approximately every 20 minutes Ealing Broadway to White City and Leytonstone to Loughton/ Hainault. No service between North Acton and West Ruislip, Loughton and Epping and Woodford and Hainault



TfL will charge standard off-peak fares for travelling on the Night Tube.

Day Travelcards are valid on the day of issue (using the date printed on the card), and for journeys starting before 04:30 the following day. For example, if you buy a Day Travelcard at 11:00 on Friday, you can use it until 04:29 on the following Saturday. Daily capping on Oyster cards and contactless payment cards also applies.



Step-free accessibility at the Night Tube stations will be the same as during the day service.


Staffing Policy

All stations will continue to be staffed by London Underground employees while train services are running, just as we do in the day. Staff will be visible and available to help you with any queries.



TfL are working hard with their policing partners to ensure the Tube network remains a safe, low crime environment. There will be an enhanced policing presence during the overnight services. The British Transport Police (BTP) will provide more than 100 officers to patrol the 144 stations that will be open throughout the night each weekend when the Night Tube services begin. More BTP Police Community Support Officers will also be out on the network to assist passengers, and support police officers, as required.


Night Buses

From Friday 19 August the following bus routes will run 24 hours a day on Friday and Saturday: 34, 123, 145, 158, 296, E1, W3 and W7. These services will run twice an hour through the night, with W7 running three times an hour. And of course there’s the extensive network of night buses to and from Night Tube stations.

Night bus maps are available for all routes – just enter the route or area you are interested in to see where night services are available.

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5 Things You Can Now Do

The night tube isn’t just about getting home from Soho – here are some offbeat nightlife gems on the fringes of the city, that you can now get home from!

1. Get home from hedonistic heaven of Vauxhall’s Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

royal vauxhall tavern night tube

Photo by Rob Green

2. Acton:  Head out to Acton’s hot circus-themed pub The Aeronaut and stay late!

the aeronaut - night tube

3. Bethnal Green: Bethnal Green Working Mens Club has some of the most unique and unforgettable nights out in the capital!

Bethnal Green Working Mens Club - Night Tube

4. Tottenham Hale: Support the fresh-air DIY night-spot Styx.

Styx - Night Tube

5. Stratford: Hackney Wick is a night-spot unlike others – it’s secluded, a bit dodgy, but so alive. Well, that unique nature is gradually being challenged, so enjoy truly different nights like the amazing Knickerbocker at The Yard before the builders move in.

Knickerbocker Hackney Wick - The Yard Theatre - Night Tube

And from Autumn 2016

Heathrow: Get a stupidly early flight from Heathrow without paying silly money for a cab or chancing it on Uber.

heathrow night tube
Did we miss anything? Leave a comment below the post and we’ll try to add in with your name.

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