Must-See: Binaural Dinner Date | Until 17 December 2023

Must-See: Binaural Dinner Date | Until 17 December 2023

Binaural Dinner Date | Until 17 December | Stephen Lawrence Gallery | £15

Binaural Dinner Date invites couples, friends or complete strangers to get to know each other better on genuine dates while a voice in their ears, as well as a Waiter and a Matchmaker, guide them through the curious urban ritual known as dating.

Part audio-led interactive performance, part dating agency – allow the voice in your head to guide you through an experience unlike any other!

Must-See: Binaural Dinner Date | Until 17 December 2023 1

Binaural Dinner Date asks ethereal questions about whether or not unconditional love exists, and if it is indeed possible to fall in love during the first date.

Mikko Rautiainen for To Do List

We reviewed Binaural Dinner Date back in 2017, and it now returns to London for the first time in four years. Make sure to catch Binaural Dinner Date in London before it tours internationally.

This production of Binaural Dinner Date is part of CREATIVE FUTURES 2023 – a 6-week season in collaboration with the Sound & Image Festival. Also in this season, ZU-UK are presenting the London premiere of Within Touching Distance and the 2022 Lumen Prize Winner Radio Ghost.

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