Miss Hope Springs, Resident Sunday Night Chanteuse at The Crazy Coqs, Shares Her To Do List

Miss Hope Springs, Resident Sunday Night Chanteuse at The Crazy Coqs, Shares Her To Do List

Main Image © Chris Jepson

Every Sunday until the end of March, Miss Hope Springs hosts a beautiful evening of award-winning, self-penned songs at the gorgeous Crazy Coqs cabaret bar.

We went last Sunday and had an absolutely divine, hilarious experience in the sumptuous surroundings of Brasserie Zédel. Book tickets here!

We caught up with the star herself, to find out what makes Miss Hope Springs tick when she’s in London…

Secret Tea RoomTell us about your favourite secret/offbeat places in London?

Well of course if we were in Las Vegas I could really show you the ropes honey…but as you know London is my second home these days and I’m quite clued in here too. Let’s start with the delightful Secret Tea Room in the West End…It’s the ideal hideaway for a delicious real old-fashioned British tea anytime, with a modern/vintage twist. Delightful. I would love to tell you where it is…but of course it’s a secret! Also for great quality food and entertainment, the Art Deco wonder Brasserie Zedel at Piccadilly Circus is unbeatable, especially on a Sunday.

Patrick Wolf

What offbeat events are on your To Do List in the next month or so?

I’ll be paying a visit to The Hopkins Street Disturbance, a music and performance art event featuring BishiRichard Torry and Matthew Glamorre…it’s every Saturday from the 8th Feb, at 7pm, deep in the heart of Soho. Going to catch Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along before it closes at The Menier Chocolate Factory in March. Then in early April, I’ll be heading down to the Queen Elizabeth Hall to see handsome prince of pop Patrick Wolf.

Kensington Gardens

What are your favourite things to do for free or little money in London?

A walk through Kensington Gardens from Notting Hill, where I live, towards the West End in the early morning or as the sun sets… at any time of the year, but specially on a bright crisp winters day. It’s very beautiful, not may people around, swans and geese gliding by on the water. It’s bliss. They do like to chase anything very glittery so I have to be careful what I wear.

What’s your ultimate London confession?

Well once, whilst visiting London back in the 80s, I threw caution to the wind and went to a Naked Disco evening! I arrived at the smoke-filled club, nervously removed my clothes in a quiet corner, then with every bit of showgirl chutzpah I could muster, stepped out on to the dance floor and started to shimmy. As the dry ice cleared, I suddenly saw two security guards coming towards me demanding to know what I was doing. I could barely hide my embarrassment (let alone anything else)………. It was the wrong night!

Miss Hope Springs

What event or product of your own would you like to pimp on To Do List?

Well that would have to be my Sunday Soirees at Crazy Coqs Cabaret and Bar in Brasserie Zedel of course. As you know darling, I play the piano and sing my original songs every week with my wonderful musicians on bass and drums, and gorgeous DJ Martin Green playing fab vintage tracks during the evening. It’s great fun, with celebrities like Rula Lenska and Jessie Wallace, Zandra Rhodes, Andrew Logan and Marc Almond popping in to hang out with us. Do come down and see the show… I promise to keep my clothes on.