Top 5 shows to see in London Mime Festival - Video Special

Top 5 shows to see in London Mime Festival – Video Special

Voila! Here is our video round-up of the best physical, mind-bending and hilarious shows from the London International Mime Festival 2013:

1. Leo | 16-22 Jan | Purcell Room at Southbank Centre | From £16 | Tickets here

Fresh from Berlin, Leo throws you upside down, tilts you sideways and messes with your head in the most glorious, brain-tickling way.

2. Zimmermann & de Perrot: Hans was Heiri | 23-26 Jan | Barbican | £23 | Tickets here

Fusing sexy circus, physical theatre, music and visual arts ‘Hans was Heiri‘ is sure to bring a giant smile to the most hardened misery.

3. Popcorn Machine by My!Laika | 12-15 Jan | Purcell Room, Southbank Centre | £16 | Tickets here

“There’s humour, bold acrobatics, a well-played Chopin waltz – even a popcorn volcano amongst other delights in this hour of surprising circus theatre, in which three charismatic women and one man live out a series of implausible scenes.”

4. Smashed by Gandini Juggling | Linsbury Studio, Royal Opera House | 24-26 Jan | From £7 | Tickets here

Juggling x 1 million = Smashed.

5. The Cardinals by Stan’s Café | Studio Theatre, Roundhouse | 14-19 Jan | Tickets here

“Three Cardinals in crimson robes are on a mission of redemption. Supervised by a young, female, Muslim stage manager their evangelical puppet show races through key scenes from the Bible, famous incidents from the Crusades, and finally brings us to the contemporary Middle East. But their puppets have gone missing and the Cardinals must themselves act out the stories.”