Ma Butcher from GAY BINGO's To Do List

Ma Butcher from GAY BINGO’s To Do List

Warming up for the TRANS-JUB-ILYMPICS alternative tranny superstar Ma Butcher reflects on her London To Do List which includes: Sink the Pink, Ridley Road Market, London Fields Lido and what she got up to in Stoke Newington Cemetery.

Ma Butcher from GAY BINGO's To Do List 1

Tell us about your favourite secret/offbeat places in London (food, going out, entertainment, relaxation)?

I am an East End girl at heart. There is an amazingly good, cheap Chinese place on Bethnal Green Road called Gourmet San which is nothing to look at but does classy Szechuan food at budget prices. I also love poking my nose in at Bethnal Green Working Mens Club – especially at Sink The Pink where you certainly get a bang f

or your buck. Also sometimes its nice to relax by the river with a book if you can find a quiet spot. Ridley Road Market has a strange piquancy and is jungle meat central but there is always something interesting going on…

What offbeat events are on your To Do List in the next month or so?

Weirdly at the moment I am adoring London Zoo at the moment after a recent visit. Also I really want to see What The Butler Saw – as I love Joe Orton. And trying to persuade Madam Woo to come and see the Jesus Christ Superstar Revival. Plus the Ball Gowns show at the V&A looks to be amazing.

Ma Butcher from GAY BINGO's To Do List 2What are your favourite things to do for free or little money in London?

Love London Fields Lido which is an amazing space if the sun shines. Also Hampstead Heath can be a wild a beautiful wilderness from the right light… Also its amazing the number of museums and galleries that are free. Also places like the Soho Theatre have some really amazing shows on at pretty reasonable prices for the West End. Also I live on Columbia Road so I love mooching around the market and poking my nose in the Nelsons Head which has a great jukebox and an eccentric cast of regulars..

Ma Butcher from GAY BINGO's To Do List 3What’s your ultimate London confession?

Well someone told me that Stoke Newington Cemetery is good for a Walk On The Wild Side…

What event or product of your own would you like to pimp on To Do List?

Jonny Woo, myself and of course the gorgeous John Sizzle present GAY BINGO – TRANS-JUB-OLYMPICS on Sunday 3rd June at Soho Theatre. Our long running night in glittering West End. Does what it says on tin. Book here now!

KEEP CALM and TRANNY ON – Squeezing the very last out of this once in a lifetime royal command weekend JONNY WOO WINDSOR and myself LADY MA BUTCHER-BOWLES are hosting a regal early evening soiree at their palace de jour, the very DALSTON SUPERSTORE. Expect a patriotic selection of royal favourites, yacht rock and disco ditties that would have Diana, Margret and the Queen Mum spinning in their graves… Oh and to spice things up someone has booked a hot MALE STRIPPER… from 7PM on MONDAY 4TH JUNE…

Also we are doing our legendary GAY BINGO BOAT PARTY on SUNDAY 8th July with the usual naughty-cal shenanigans you get with 200 pissed up party homo’s on a boat for 4 hours. PANDA-MONIA!