Book now for arty spectacular 'Ludskis: May Parade' at Rio Cinema - tickets just £6

Book now for arty spectacular ‘Ludskis: May Parade’ at Rio Cinema – tickets just £6

At Home with the Ludskis: May Parade (#4 Edition)

Saturday 12th May, 2012, 11.30pm – 2.30am | £6 | Rio Cinema 107 Kingsland High Street, Hackney, London, E8 2PB

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They Say: 

‘At Home with the Ludskis’ (Edition #4) May Parade breaks away from the traditional art exhibition and the typical cinema going experience, to create something startling and thought provoking. It pushes aside the mundane as it embraces the post contemporary with passion, reminding us that Art changes the World.

Bored and drained by bogus exhibitions and the banal moving image screenings of cinema and gallery, Granny Ludski and the Ludskis wanted something more vital, with quality, depth and imagination. We found ourselves in direct conflict with the academic style and scholastic didacticism of Art Academy, Gallery, Museum and Biennale… This led ‘At Home with the Ludskis’ to make a curation of a late night exhibition happening in the old haunted cinema in Dalston, Hackney. With a wide range of artists from different fields, providing startling moving image, surreal musicianship, eerie installation, seductive performance, every ‘At home with the Ludskis’ Edition is a truly unique art event.

Exhibition-maker Granny Ludski continues to pursue a true cross multi disciplinary approach to art and exhibition making/curating that has been totally absent from the British Art scene. Granny Ludski and her team are constantly scouring of all forms of art and creativity, to bring you a night of art that is unpredictable and like nothing else you will experience.

‘From dada to grandma the beat goes on…’  the Ludskisx

All Art Forms Will Be There!¨

The Ludskis return to The Rio, the old, haunted, Art Deco cinema, in the very beating heart of the scene, to produce a unique exhibition happening as a tribute to a imitable lady.

In 1909 a Russian immigrant, Clara Ludski, founded the Kingsland Palace. This was the first electric picture house on the site on which the Rio Cinema now stands in all its distinctive Art Deco glory.

Cinemas of this age and architectural distinction exist as rare hangovers from the MODERNIST era. These pagan temples house our Dreams, our Fears, our Love, our Madness as well as our codes of Honour. Like traditional hallowed places of worship and communion they impart to us a message about how we once lived and how we should live in the future.

At Home with the Ludskis’ – May Parade Edition (#4).

Artists’ biographies:

At Home With The Ludskis will see a special performance by Patti Plinko with Ernesto Tomasini.

Ernesto Tomasini is often described by the international press as “a cult figure”. He has entertained audiences for over 20 years: from his beginnings in Italian cabaret to experimental theatre around the world, from his work with the Lindsay Kemp Company to West End musicals, from bit roles in Hollywood films to major ones on British television, not to mention his own provocative productions which he took from the Edinburgh Festival to international tours. In 2007 he begun to lend his wide vocal range to experimental music. He is co-founder of two major projects: the Othon & Tomasini duo (with Marc Almond as frequent collaborator) and the post-rock band Almagest!, with which he has recently appeared at the Volksbuehne in Berlin. He also boasts collaborations with the “father of industrial music” Peter Christopherson (founder of Coil, Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle), Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound) and Current 93 (he was special guest at their first Queen Elizabeth Hall concert, alongside Antony of Antony & the Johnsons). As soloist he has sung his repertoire in London venues like the Royal Albert Hall, the Purcell Room, the National Theatre, the Roundhouse and Tate Britain. Ernesto has performed at two editions of the London Fashion Week (for Lady Gaga‘s milliner Nasir Mazhar) and, as a recording artist, has had six albums released on prestigious indie labels (Durtro, Cherry Red) plus two singles, two music videos and a guest spot on the soundtrack of Bruce LaBruce‘s penultimate film. On radio Tomasini has sung and acted on all the BBC stations, Classic FM and on many national channels around the world (most notably the US and New Zealand). As voiceover artist he has worked for Oscar winners James Ivory, Ridley Scott, Kevin Spacey and Rob Marshall. His collaborations with Ron Athey, Stephen Montague and the Resonance Radio Orchestra are among his more recent forays into performance art. A sought-after lecturer on theatre history and techniques, he has given master-classes to students in drama schools in UK, Spain and Mexico. Since early 2010 he has his own column on the Italian magazine Musical!.


Miss Annabel Sings is an experimental theatre maker and dark chanteuse in a godless universe, human existence has no meaning or purpose. Associate Director of Eat Your Heart Out.


Athens-born, London based artist/ photographer/ performace artist, Stav B bases her work on notions of repetition, expansion, reflection, distortion, obsession, fetishism and voyeurism. Performative monologues, spectacular, interactive, moody, abstract, tragic and humorous.
Ambiguous and appropriate props (flowers and petals, glitter, feathers, dolls, swings and boxes, lights and unfamiliar/ familiar sounds) add to the manifestation of the spectacles and most importantly, the verbal interpretation of the soul and the mind: The spoken word, the poem, the prose. Always close to the bone and to guide her back to the still narrative, a perfect (almost) circle.


Raga Woods is a veteran on the art, festival and Ludski scene. She has had a long career as a protester, single mother, squatter, artist, founder of Gingerbread and performing her Cunny Carnival, She-lala of the Divine Gliteris Gig and Wickedly Divine Feminine acts across England. Granny loves Raga Woods and she’s very excited to have her back at the May Parade!


Cinematic, lush, wry, part jazz-age novel, part silver screen star, Alexander Geist is the velvet voice of pop music’s most elegant new genre – morose disco soul. Combining the dry wit of Morrissey and the soundscape of Giorgo Moroder, with melodramatic lyrics and insistent melodies, Alexander has created a unique sound for himself, at once nostalgic and contemporary. His songs capture the flavour of a certain international demi-monde; the glamour, the tears, the raucous parties, the untimely deaths, and makes each little tragedy into a sparkling memory. Compared to everyone from Bowie to Dietrich, Alexander has played throughout Europe, from Paris too Zagreb; in the chicest hot spots, wildest nightclubs, and all the dens of iniquity along the way. His debut EP “Dandylioness” is streaming now at with the single, “Bad Language” set for release in April on Haute Areal records.


Paul Wright graduated at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama of Glasgow, in 2007 won the award for best debut at the Scottish BAFTA. In 2009 he shot “Believe” that won the Golden Leopard for Best International Short Film at the Locarno Film festival. In 2010 with “Photos of God” he competed at the Berlin Film festival in the short films sections. He has currently been working on his first full-length film with Sigma and Zentropa Films.


At Home With The Ludskis will screen his short film Until The River Runs Red, which won Best Short Film at BAFTA 2011.

Synopsis: Chloe, 16 years old, believes she is the only daughter of God. She travels around with her parents and spends her days wandering about in the secluded countryside, searching for the mythical “Red River”. As the story unfolds, the public discovers the terrible truth about the family’s past.


This Edition’s historical artist is Isidore Isou (January 31, 1925 – July 28, 2007), a poet and visual artist. He was the founder of Letterism, an art and literary movement which owed inspiration to Dada and Surrealism. Granny aims to educate and entertain our wide range of audience members that represent many different parts of society.


House of O’Dwyer is our resident Ludski artist. He’s based in London making films, paintings and photography.

House of O’Dwyer has set out to self consciously examine the philosophical, psychological and symbolic concepts that underpin ideas around Art.

What is Art? Where is Art? Why is Art?


Bother is a pop, performance art and comedy duo based in London. Bother design, costume, style and edit all of their music videos as well as performing in them.
Bother are Ian Godden and Adam Perchard.


The Centre of Attention is a London-based contemporary art organisation set up in 1999. Projects are shown internationally and constitute an ongoing enquiry into the phenomenon of art production, presentation and consumption.

The Centre’s participatory or Gonzo curating approach include controversial exhibitions such as “Viva la republique” set during the Golden Jubilee with Banksy, Jamie Reid and Genesis P-Orridge; “The curators” which entirely eliminated the artists from the exhibition by putting the curators on display, as well as in-depth solo projects with artists such as a Fluxus concert with Ken Friedman or a kinetic art retrospective of Nicolas Schöffer.

The Centre of Attention was selected for the 51st Venice Biennale by curator Rosa Martinez and presented Swansong/Schwanengesang an installation with works from Benedict Carpenter, House of O’Dwyer, Damien Roach and Wolfgang Tillmans. In this piece, also presented in MousonTurm Frankfurt and Mercer Union in Toronto, the audience is given an opportunity to rehearse its own funeral: participants select a song; then lay on a plinth, performing death, while the song is webstreamed, formally, reversing the viewer/art-object dynamic.


Leo Park and Linnea Hansander with Olga Henriksson from Sweden make up the performance group Society & Magic. This is their first international show, which they’ll also take to Berlin’s MPA (Month of Performance Art) at the end of May.


Leo Park’s NOIS SEGSNART CIRCUIT is part of a series of works, which tell the story of how identity is created, and how we reproduce ourselves as social beings. This performance revolves around the circuit connecting the realm of the undefined with the realm of the rational. A journey through this circuit proves long and painful.

Leo Park has a background in visual arts and contemporary dance, and his ongoing project Nois Segsnart has taken many different forms, including ice-architecture (at Jukkasjärvi Icehotel). His work generally revolves around identity, transformation, and iconicism. He has also designed one of our two posters for the May Parade Edition.


Linnea Hansander’s COACHED CANNIBAL KARAOKE is a performance ritual in which local participants are given the chance to identify and reclaim their exploited cultural property through cannibalism. The performance uses projections, karaoke and food sculptures. Eliminate your colonisers and take their strength. It’s easy – eat them.

Linnea Hansander works mainly with performance and live art projects, using participation and involvement to deal with questions of social power and empowerment. She also uses poster campaigns in public spaces to spread the questions posed in her works, and fictional characters to pose them. She previously performed At Home With The Ludskis as The Reverend of Love.


GALVANISED! is a curatorial platform created by artist Kevin Quigley in 2007 to explore new languages in art/sound/music. A platform to search out new ways in presenting new musical ideas in performance/installation/sound production.

Kevin Quigley‘s GALVANISED! will take over Rio’s main basement space and will present a live music installation under the title “WARNING OCCULT IMPURITIES AHEAD” with the following acts: English Heretic, Mysterium, Graham Dunning + Ingrid Plum and Yumi Hara Cawkwell + Guy Harries.


Bart Barton is an Andy Warhol lookalike and will provide a live, interactive installation titled In Bed With Andy Warhol at Rio Cinema’s vaulted art deco basement corridor. Audiences are welcome to chill out with Andy, be interviewed by him or have their screen shot or photo taken by / with Andy.


Future Sound of Clapton was born on a foggy dark night in the heavily claustrophobic and chemically-charged mist of Hackney marshes. The bastard child of Disco Not Disco, Balearic Techno and Cosmic House DJs, Fumix and Marco, its birth was an “accident” that sparked a string of underground parties in East-London and many, many Monday morning hangovers. “Comadisco”, their disco party in Hackney, East London, has been steadily gaining popularity amongst spaced out geeks and cosmic goddesses since its quiet inception in 2005.


Hanna Rubin is a swedish artist that has been involved in various creative projects in Stockholm, London, Paris and Tokyo.
She has been working in many different fields from making of circus costumes to art directions for showrooms and designing of props and clothes. She started of as an interior designer in 2006, but is now also working as a stylist and costume designer for photo shoots, music videos and TV commercials.
The inspiration for her work comes form beautiful things, ugly things, future, friends and funny shapes.

Supported by:

Rio Cinema; Happy Ending Productions Ltd; Radio Ludski

Additional photo credits:


MAY12 – Design Emie Ludski

HANNARUBIN SURI – Fashion showcase and Design by Hanna Rubin. Model Suri Sumatra.