London To Do List - 7-13 July

London To Do List – 7-13 July

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Our fab weekly London To Do List continues, with plenty of free, cheap and offbeat treats to get you through the week!

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// Pick of the Week //

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London To Do List - 7-13 July 1

Bourgeois & Maurice 7th Birthday | London Wonderground | 9.30pm| £12.50

Riding the zeitgeist in unmatchable style since 2007, the UK’s sharpest, darkest musical siblings Bourgeois & Maurice celebrate their 7th birthday with a night of scabrous musical comedy. Expect rarely-heard old songs, often-heard newer songs and never-ever heard brand new numbers. Expect toe-tapping piano-pop beats with subjects ranging from the feel-numb joys of Ritalin to the feel-bad addictions of social networks. This birthday extravaganza offers newcomers the perfect introduction to the cult of B&M and gives long-time fans the chance to hear all their favourite tunes in one hyper-charged, hyperactive, hyper-weird night.

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// From Tuesday //

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London To Do List - 7-13 July 2

Yve Blake & Co | Soho Theatre | Tuesday-Sunday | 7pm | £10

In October 2013, Yve Blake, an interactive website which invites strangers to answer one question: ‘Who do they feel they used to be?’

Strangers from 154 international cities have contributed more than 500 stories, voicemails, pictures and playlists. THEN is a vibrant collage of these memories.

Using handcrafted music and spectacular visuals, Yve takes the audience on a journey through those hazy memories of childhood, teenage years, middle and old age. Heart-warming and hilarious in equal parts, it explores relationships, those funny stories that ‘could only happen to you’ but in fact are universal, and celebrates the idiots, strangers and heroes that we used be.

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// Tuesday //


London To Do List - 7-13 July 3

Slumdog Millionaire at Vauxhall Village | 7pm Open – Film starts at sundown | FREE

The Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens are hosting six free pop-up cinema screenings this summer, including Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, This Is Spinal Tap & The Big Lebowski.

This week, it’s Slumdog Millionaire – and Vauxhall Village have teamed up with the Big Dance so you can enjoy Bollywood dancing workshops before the film!

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// Friday //

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London To Do List - 7-13 July 4

Holy Sh!t Stamp Fundraiser | Marylebone Gardens | 7pm | £10

A night of performances from Andy Field & Chris Brett Bailey, Sara Zaltash, Sublime & Ridiculous, Foxy & Hunk, Ira Brand, and Ellie Stamp and Sh!t Theatre (plus more to be announced).

They Say: Come dance with us. Come laugh with us. Come cry with us. Come party with us. You will love it, we promise.

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London To Do List - 7-13 July 5

Camden Lock Live | Camden Lock | 10am-10pm | FREE

Returning for its second year, Camden Lock live boasts a fantastic line up of performances and live entertainment: expect live music, street performers, dance workshops, cocktails, food, artisan shopping and more! …

Live music comes courtesy of Whinnie Williams and Jake Isaac amongst others, plus there will be comedy from writer and actor Stephen Frost.

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London To Do List - 7-13 July 6

Come with Me If You Want to Live | Chelsea Theatre | 7pm | £8/4

Got those end-of-the-world blues? Join Chelsea Theatre’s quarterly night of songs, laughs, heart and spunk, programmed by Ben Walters, and we might just get out of this in one piece!

Featuring Barb Jungr, The Lipsinkers, Lynn Ruth Miller & Miss Behave!

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// All Weekend //

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London To Do List - 7-13 July 7

Festival of Love – Storge | Southbank Centre | All Weekend | FREE

Storge is an Ancient Greek word describing the love a parent has for a child, or that a child has for a favourite aunt or uncle.

Storge Weekend is an opportunity to bring together those important people who make up your own family network and have a free family portrait taken to add to the Southbank Centre Family Tree.

Plus, Sunday sees the Southbank Centre hosting Japanese festival Tanabata, in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Society – a celebration of the love between the two gods Orihime and Hikoboshi who are only allowed to meet on this one day each year.

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// Saturday //

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London To Do List - 7-13 July 8

Lewisham People’s Day | Mountsfield Park, Lewisham | 12-8pm | FREE

Celebrating its 30th year, Lewisham’s biggest (only?) festival brings together 100s of performers, businesses and community groups in one amazing day!

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