London To Do List – 10-16 March

London To Do List – 10-16 March

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Our fab weekly London To Do List continues, with plenty of free, cheap and offbeat treats to get you through the week!

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// Pick of the Week //

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frankchickensYam Yam! East Finale | The Albany | Thursday, 7:30pm | £20

To Do List favourites Frank Chickens join forces with roaming restaurant Mazí Mas for an evening of yummy grub and crazy cabaret at The Albany!

Mazi-Mas-117The finale of the Yam Yam! East festival – which has taken inspiration from East Asian food and culture – sees Mazi Mas and Kazuko Hohki teaming up for an evening of great food and offbeat entertainment. The £20 ticket includes a three course meal plus performances from award-winning art pop icons Frank Chickens and Japanese performance troupe Peskimo.

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// Tuesday //

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lynnruthmillerLynn Ruth Miller: Granny’s Gone Wild | Soho Theatre | 7.30pm | £15/12.50

San Francisco based Lynn Ruth Miller brings her award-winning show full of songs, laughter, tears and inspiration to the Soho Theatre.

A regular of the Brighton and Edinburgh Festivals, she has most recently completed a short tour of Russia, and has even appeared on Britain’s Got Talent!

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banffBanff Mountain Film Festival World Tour | Union Chapel | 6:30pm | £14

An evening of short films featuring the expeditions of modern-day adventurers, adrenaline packed action sports and inspirational, thought-provoking pieces from far-flung places.


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// Thursday //

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davegormansscreenguildDave Gorman’s Screen Guild | Hackney Attic | 7.30pm | £12 

A monthly night of comedy curated by Dave Gorman, accompanied by his laptop and a big screen.

Dave Says: I started it because I knew there was no other way of me trying out new stuff and while I had no idea at the time, the first five show run generated pretty much all the material that became the show, Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation and the second run generated a lot of the material for the series, Modern Life Is Goodish so it’s turned out to be something that is not just fun, for me, but also bloody useful.

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underconstructionUnderConstruction | RVT | 8pm | £5

Another dose of UnderConstruction, the much-loved performance platform for exciting new work. With a whole host of performers presenting short new works, there’s something for everyone, so long as you have a taste for the offbeat, the kooky, and occasionally the downright weird!

Featuring Jet Moon, Grumpy Lettuce, Ellis Doll, Claire Benjamin, Matthew Floyd Jones, Marcus Reeves, Roland Saunders, Tricity Vogue

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// From Friday //

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starringjamesfrancoStarring James Franco | The Rag Factory | 7.30pm | From £5

An interrogation of fame; how we idolise it, how we hunger for it and how we loath it.

They Say: This comically absurd performance makes use of propagandist, foreign , antiquated, irrelevant and experimental music, as well as silly dances and letters addressed to James Franco to create a performance style that is both humorous and sinister. A combination of failure and absurdism presented on stage creates a world between performance, event and reality.

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// Saturday //

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primarkonacidPrimark on Acid | 3Space, Oxford St | 7pm | £5

A performance event curated by Howard Sivills & Alexander Raptotasios.

Featuring Anna Vauhkonen, Beetle & Bird, Chara Kolaiti, Debbie Kent, Virginia Frankovich, Anne Sophie Cochevelou & DJ EGGSLEGS amongst others…

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1000feathers10000 Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid by Evelina Dominitch & Dmitry Gelfand | Ace Hotel, Shoreditch | 5pm | FREE

They Say: Domnitch and Gelfand use laser light to scan the surfaces of nucleating and dissipating soap bubble clusters. Unlike ordinary light, the laser’s focused beam is capable of crawling through the micro and nano structures within a bubble’s skin. When aimed at specific angles, this penetrating light generates a large-scale projection of molecular interactions as well as mind-boggling phenomena of non-linear optics. Bubble behaviors viewed in such proximity evoke the dynamics of living cells (the lipid membranes of which, are direct chemical descendants of soap film).

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