London To Do List – 13-19 January

London To Do List – 13-19 January

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Our fab weekly London To Do List continues, with plenty of free, cheap and offbeat treats to get you through the week!

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// Pick of the Week //


Totally Serialized | Institut Francais | Various Prices and Times

As featured in our 2014 To Do List! Totally Serialized is back, with cult series’ (Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, The Returned), the latest and best TV shows on the big screen (UK premiere of Mad Fat Diary Season 2), Q&As, masterclasses, marathons… and even a zombie party!

Highlights include: 

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// Tuesday //


Learn to Lindy Hop | Wild Court | Prices Vary

A new cycle of these ace weekly Lindy Hop & Authentic Jazz Classes  begin this Tuesday!

Join dance champion Simon Selmon, who has been teaching Lindy Hop since 1986 – dancers of all ages and experience are welcome!

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// Wednesday //


Bonnie’s Ballad Bucket | The George & Dragon | 8pm-12pm | FREE

Bonnie’s Ballad Bucket returns to take more of your Power Ballad and Soft Rock requests!

Pop in for a pint and partake in the power!

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// Thursday //

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The Idiot Factory presents Alternative Comedy Open Mic | Ryan’s Bar

Idiot Rich hosts a night of pure idiocy.

Expect the most unusual comedy acts in London including: Major Tom, Dan Lees, Kelly Wenham, Penny Matthews, Lady G, Neil Frost, Liam, Confessions of the Juther Brothers, Candy Gigi & Corkey Burger!

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Down Where It’s Wetter – A Little Mermaid – Yeast London Cabaret Special | East Bloc | 10.30pm | £2 Donation

Head down into East Bloc’s moist cavern for a one-night-only, wet’n’wild wonderground of “salty ass sea punks and butt pirates who’ve all come together to celebrate that sickly sweet Disney drip The Little Mermaid!”

This promises to bring your favourite characters “with full force into an uncompromising post-modernity of transitional subversion as the 2-D animations of your past become the 3-D deviants of your best night out this week.”

Well, there you go then.

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// Friday //

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Lucha Britannia Underground Cabaret Siniestro Wrestling New Year New Fear | Resistance Gallery | 8pm | £15

Lucha Britannia brings to you the daredevil thrills of an Orwellian circus gone awry – with super OTT characters, comedy, horror & Neo Burlesque.

This is not just a wrestling show – it’s a ‘Cabaret Siniestro’, a no holds barred, high-octane, comedy, RetroFutureVerse blast of hyper reality!

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Troubadour Friday: JJ Draper, Tara Priya, Miss K, Elena Garcia & Sophia Donovan | The Troubador | 7pm | £8/7

A night of heart-meltingly beautiful music at The Troubador. Featuring: JJ Draper, Miss.K, Tara Priya, Elena Garcia, & Sophia Donovan.

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EuroFest | The RVT, Vauxhall | 9pm-3am | £8/5

The UK’s biggest Eurovision and Europop celebrates its second birthday in style!

Expect six hours of the biggest Eurovision, Europop and Schlager classics from DJs Dave Simmons, Don Grant and John Hagley, PLUS a very special live performance from the the UK’s 2001 entrant, LINDSAY DRACASS!

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// Saturday //


The Burning Question: Climate Change in Context, with Duncan Clark | Birkbeck, University of London | 6.15pm | £5

Duncan Clark, co-author of the recent book “The Burning Question: We can’t burn half the world’s oil, coal and gas. So how do we quit?”, addresses a whole host of burning questions on the subject of global warming and climate change: What mix of technology, politics, psychology, and economics might be required? Why aren’t clean energy sources slowing the rate of fossil fuel extraction? Are the energy companies massively overvalued, and how will carbon-cuts affect the global economy? Will we wake up to the threat in time? And who can do what to make it all happen?

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// All Weekend //


Gay Star Beach Party and LGBTI Travel Show 2014 | Heaven | 12-5pm | FREE

The Gay Star Beach Party and LGBTI Travel Show 2014 invites you to engage with travel experts and gain an insight into the latest LGBTI travel trends from around the globe. Leading brands will include Florida Key West, Vienna Tourist Board, Austrian Airlines, Israel Tourist Board, OutdoorLads, IGLTA and more.

Event highlights include A sexy swimwear fashion show by Prowler, a sandy beach, with buckets and spade, and a chance to win a four night stay in Florida Key West!

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